Sunday, January 07, 2018

Online comments after Leinster v Ulster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Best squad I’ve ever seen! The young talent coming through is phenomenal!

Hopefully the injured lads aren’t too bad.

Tom Clarke

Fantastic performance from Leinster. Great understanding amongst players and the speed of thought and intensity were immense. A team in unison. The rest of us have a bit of catching up to do.

James Griffin [Munster fan]

Hard to find fault with that, just an excellent performance. A word for JGP; thought he was quality tonight and you'd have to think he'll keep Lowe out of the Euro squad (even if that hasn't already been decided by Ferg's form).

Derek Tormey

What a performance. Skill set, the pace and understanding of the players is unreal. It must be hard for Leo to pick his team every week and who to leave out.

Colin Campbell

Pretty good performance and kept the desire to play going through the entire game. Well done.

Andrew Potts

An excellent and unified team performance tonight! Great build up play, great understanding of where players are, great support on the shoulder. Yes Larmour is a real find but Henshaw & Fardy were REAL standout players. Two (very) minor points are the undeserved negativity that JGP gets from many. I think his vision and play is superb and unfortunately finally I'm losing faith in what Dev T brings. He just isn't cutting it for me anymore. Overall a very solid and inspired Leinster performance 😎😎😎

Joe Sheppard

Great to see Ferg playing so well. Jordan getting a lot of deserved plaudits but Ferg is so solid and dependable. Stockdale played himself out of Irish team. Leo and Stuart gel so well. Academy is producing some great talent. Thinking back to the negativity of the MO’C days seems a distant memory

Noel Cuddy

Fergus mugged for man of the match 😂 plenty of knocks hopefully the lads aren't too banged up. Great win. Ross Byrne is ten times the player he was at the start of the season outstanding work from him

Baz C. Ryan

The squad depth is incredible. Has to be the best squad in Europe...

Porter had a smashing 40mins, literally💪💪

Meanwhile, Ulster were awful🤦🏼‍♂️

Stephen Tew

Young guns had a lotta fun! Porter, Larmour smashed it. Joe... make some bold decisions #6nations

Sandra Dawson

The word in the changing room sums it up 'Ruthless' and that is the attitude they've brought this season. I'm not getting carried away but all I will say is this...on their day they can beat any team. The problems arise when they have brain farts and don't turn up. The mitigating factor this season is the competition for places. It keeps the buggers honest and Leinster Rugby (and us) are the beneficiaries.

Richard Mifsud

The last try summed up the new attitude. Utterly ruthless and what a hand-off by Deegan!

Cormac Mannion

Gobsmacked. 🤯

Cian Ó Muilleoir

Only 3 negatives and those are the injuries to Tracy, Furlong and Ringrose. Ferg had a fantastic game, one slip and one knock on aside, Fardy and Toner both seemed to get through a ton of work, Henshaw had an absolutely exquisite offload for Lamour's second. And as for Lamour, absolutely amazing both in attack, where he was making breaks for fun and in defence, where he made a few try saving tackles and at least one momentum stopping turnover when Ulster were still in with a shout. He is in desperate need of an Ireland cap.

Also gotta love Andrew Porter deciding that Furlong shouldn't be the only tighthead who can knock lads on their behind.

Dónal Foley

As an Ulster fan that was a total embarrassment but it's been coming for weeks. We're moving backwards at a rate of knots and we were very flattered by the scoreline. Leinster strength in depth is frightening but brilliant for Ireland too

Craig Boyd

What of Ulster? What is wrong. John Cooney seemed to be the only one with abit of buzz when he came on. Come on Ulster we need you firing on all cylinders. Proove you still have it next Sat.
Great displays from Leinster over the inter pros.

Robert Cashell

Ross Byrne impeccable. Very sharp reactions, great kicking, controls the attack so well.

Jack Leahy

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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