Sunday, September 10, 2017

Online comments after Leinster v Cardiff Blues

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Barry Daly is as majestic as any salmon

Ciarán Bass

Conan brilliant, Larmour looks the part!

Tom Clarke

Defence was good. Jack Conan carried very well all night. This team still a work in progress.

Noel Hewson

Best 5 minutes of Rugby in the RDS in a long time. The other 75 not so much 😊. Joking aside, super display by Dev on his 200th cap, Conan superb and Luke McGrath gets better and better every game. Have to be happy to take a BP when you're not even sure of the win with 10 minutes to go.

Paul Smith

Again who made the call to go for a lineout 5 metres out when the scrum had just pushed them all over the place? And then not throw it to toner? We have had even an average lineout for the past 4 seasons.

Chris Mcdonnell

Slow burner. An unexciting 1st half followed by a scintillating end. Delighted with the bonus point too.

Cian Ormond

Lucky to get the bonus point, we didn't actually play for the first 65 minutes. Cardiff put up a good fight but couldn't stay with us. Some fine youngsters coming through for us now getting valuable game time. Not a bad performance for our second outing of the season.

Andrew Byrne

First thing I should say is that the scoreline flattered us mightily. That's not to say the Blues deserved more but rather that we didn't do enough to get a BP and a 20+ points differential. Am I complaining absolutely not but it needs to be said. Cardiff showed very little in attacking prowess and I really fear for them this season. Their D was decent enough and Josh Navidi stood out for them but apart from that they struggled in the line out and at scrum time. Anyway to our boys. The most important thing IMO was the continuation from last season where they learn 'in game' and adapt. it also shows we have more than one string to our bow. The other important thing to say is that irrespective of how we're playing our pack will at the very least give us parity although on most occasions they are the passage to a win. Special mention Jack Conan, what a player! We really do have an embarrassment of riches especially in the back row and there are certain old beggars to come back 😜. To the backs; Luke looked a wee bit rusty (needs game time) but it was another decent outing for Ross Byrne. He'll never set the world alight (hope I'm wrong) but he's certainly a steady Eddie and every team needs them. I really like the kid. Isa continued trying to imitate a Cruise missile and Rory showed he can easily fit into 13. Jordan showed more of his class and I'm really looking forward to seeing him mature. Adam Byrne was unlucky but couldn't fault him for effort, he'll improve and finally to Rob K/Barry Daly. Both played very solidly and Rob was really getting back to his best when he gets clunked by injury 😔. Subs added as usual. All in all a very welcome BP in anticipation of the SA tour. The final word has to go to the ref. Absolutely brilliant 👍🏻.

Richard Mifsud

Ross Byrne needs a kick in the hole. Coasted through the first 60. He's a better player than that.

Shane O Leary

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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