Sunday, September 24, 2017

Online comments after Cheetahs v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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I don't know what was more disappointing, the fact that we wasted so many penalties by taking them fast rather than kicking to touch or when we did kick to touch we'd waste that too.

Ian Fitzpatrick

Worried for 2 and 3 weeks time as we look flat and not near as sharp as we should /could over the first 4 matches.

My thought is that training with the guys not playing yet should be of a high enough standard to show on the field

Montpellier will eat us alive in the RDS if we're not ready

Brian Hughes

Outplayed all round. Our handling was poor. Kicking off the tee wasn't great either. But for me it was decision making that cost us kicking the ball to their back 3, especially when we were behind. And that tap on go penalty towards the end? Jesus!

Philip Lawlor

Leinster only seem to come to life in the 2nd half these days. The Cheetahs knew this and exploited it.

Cian Ormond

Good teams will mangle us in the coming weeks. Missing Heaslip desperately

Baz C. Ryan

Did we have a forward pack playing at all out there bar JVDF? Shocking stuff.

Shane O Leary

Either sexton or carbery had to play 10. Byrne and marsh just don't have it. 10 minutes to go Cronin blew another important lineout. The amount of missed tackles? Oh and Gibson-park's kicking away the ball is soul destroying. There were plenty of good bits and come the end of season this will only be a blip but let's get home and for the next 5 weeks stop messing about and pick our best side and put a bit of confidence back into the side

Chris McDonnell

I'm not angry.......I'm just disappointed

Neil Keegan

Firstly hats off to the Cheetahs, they totally deserved the win. Having said that we were awful. Our decision making was dreadful. First JGP rdecides to try a quick tap at 12-5 with a couple of minutes to go on the first half. We knock on and bang they run the length of the field for a try. Then after battling back into a position where we could pick up a couple of points we get a penalty with 4 minutes to go and instead of a lineout Carbery trys the same and bang we knock on again. Awful decision making. Very few players emerge with credit today but have to say well done to Daly on his hat trick, Just a pity it was in such an awful display.

Paul Smith

Poor decision making in 1st half

Kathryn Keegan

A disappointing result and a disappointing performance. We missed leadership and just seemed passive. Still 3 wins from 4 is not a bad start, 10 points from a possible 15 in the away matches isn't a bad return. The younger lads will have learned a lot over the last few weeks and now we will have some more experienced players returning to bolster our ranks.

Andrew Byrne

The Cheetahs were winning the collisions from the kickoff, as if we had learnt nothing from the Kings match. Let me guess: "They surprised us with their physicality".... I also seem to remember the idea being posited, that JGP's Super Rugby experience would stand us in good stead. Hmm... I think Nick McCarthy has overtaken him as our number two scrum half.

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh

I'll take a loss now if it means they make the changes they need to.

We started poorly last night, like we did in our other games this season but so far we were able to get away with it by closing out the game strong.

Leinster need to learn from this loss! There were way too many errors and a lack of leadership out there (after Isa went off). There's still plenty of rugby to play before the season is done, hopefully this will be the wake up call they need.

Taking the blue tinted goggles off; this was an upset for Leinster but it's a great result for the PRO14 organisers and to some extent justifies the addition of the new teams to the competition.

Killian O'Criodain

Lads I appreciate that a LOT of our 1st choice players were missing last night BUT we're going to experience that again during the Autumn Internationals, 6 Nations and ongoing injuries etc so we'd better get used to this and have a better game plan with one of the most "strength in depth" squads in Europe (apparently 🤔) PLUS I've read lots of posts on various rugby sites recently saying how poor the S. African teams were/are WELL we were ALL taught a valuable lesson last night!!! It's NOT the end of the world and yes I expect it's a timely lessons learned for Leinster and I suspect for others around the oval chasing arenas. Onwards to the next game. #PLAYLEARNPLAYAGAINWIN 😎😎😎

Joe Sheppard

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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