Sunday, May 07, 2017

Online comments after Ulster v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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I think the word to use today is insipid. Our handling was poor, never really looked like breaking the line and scoring tries. Too many players totally anonymous in the game to win against a decent Ulster side who were excellent in defense in fairness. I would rather be poor today than in the semi and I still think Leinster have more than enough to the title this season. Allez Les Bleus !!!

Paul Smith

Well done Ulster better team all day bullied us all over the field today and if we play like this again we will win nothing players who should be better over throwing ball on a number of occasions just not good enough going around the if as if we have the god given right to beat Ulster and l really hope Leo is giving them a good bollocking players will have to have a really good look at themselves

Odran John OBrien

Nothing to play for, hard to motivate the lads. Serious work needed on handling skills!

Damien Doherty

Go forward is crucial for us, didn't get enough. I'm not sure the second ball player at 12 works for us. Need a massive carrying 13 if we are gonna do that. We were a little predictable today

Cian Greally

Ulster were in need of a win and did everything needed for one. Leinster were lazy in spots and really didn't do enough to deserve a win. But as already said here, they weren't playing for anything while Ulster were salvaging some credibility and looking to see off players in a suitable way. Credit to them and in particular to Pienar and Wilson.

Conor Cronin

Dead rubber, just a training game.

Tom Keating

Brutal and simply not good enough. Our senior players need a good kick in the boll ox. I've been a fan of toner but simply he's a waste of a shirt this year. Triggs is equally useless. How can a head coach who was a secondrow simply not have one secondrow at the club at an acceptable level.

We better get the finger out because we have too many players who haven't learnt a thing from losing to the westies last year. Another season without a trophy is not acceptable.

Chris Mcdonnell

Gulf in class between Reid and Henshaw. It's very sad to see Pienaar gone

Roibeárd O Fuaráin

I think Leinster at times lacked a bit of direction. They'll not play many more games when they win as many opponents lineouts and are that dominant in the scrum, and still lose!! Fair play to Ulster, they beat them with half a team. Ruan is special, deserves the win for his contribution. SUFTUM.

Simon McKinstry

Pitch was unplayable, a disgrace.

Des Darragh

Ulster were by far the better team. And that's speaking as a die hard leinster fan our lads just didn't bring their A game....much improvement needed....

Angela Cassin Jackson

Meaningless fixture - but lovely end off for Roger and Ruan :-)

Laurence Norwood

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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