Sunday, March 12, 2017

Online comments after Wales v Ireland

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Not at the races

Eimear Barrett

Schmidt under pressure for the first time. Worst performance of his tenure.

Shane O Leary

Can't win a game if you can't win a lineout. Need to cut out these non-scoring visits to the 22

Conor Murphy

Why kick away so much hard earned ball in good attacking areas didn't deserve to win that game were very poor overall and never looked like scoring

Shane Mcdonald

We should have strangled that team!
We where more impotent than me after 12 Guinness !

Neil Keegan

Poor performance. Have to question the management. Murray left on with one arm. O Brien poor. Lineout shocking. Scannell and Bowe brought on at 79 minutes WTF. We left that game behind. Wales are poor and should have been out of touch after 30 minutes. Back to the drawing board

Imelda Reidy

Ireland totally clueless we put the ball from side to side making it very easy to defend plus starting with 2 blind side wing forward doesn't help player not being play to their full potential well done Wales better side all night long

Odran John OBrien

Poor error prone performance. Once Murray got injured he should have been subbed as it was obvious he wasn't able to continue. We knew Wales would be physical & we didn't match as we should have. Going to be a long day at the office if we play like that against England.

Richard Collumb

I know coach bashing isn't exactly popular on this (HarpinOnRugby Facebook) page, but I think serious questions need to be asked of Joe now. 4 years and no improvements to our attack. No strike plays, no multiphase, no offloads, no endeavour.

Our gameplan is based around physically overpowering teams; it makes it impossible to generate consistency because an elite level performance takes too much out of the team. It's why we always acrew so many injuries; and it's why we can never generate any real momentum over 5/6 straight matches.

The end result is a flacid team with very little imagination, and all that our opponents need to do is front up physically and they'll beat us handy.

The reality is that we won't reach a WC semi final in 2019 if these trends continue, and after 4 years of Joe I'm satisfied he's not going to produce anything new from an attacking perspective. If he's going to take us to Japan, then I really think we need to bring in an attack/backs coach. Someone like Tony Brown from the Highlanders to give us that attacking edge we're sorely missing at the moment....

Daragh Faughnan

England would have won that. NZ would have won that. Australia would have won that. France would have won that....all that ball all that territory and no tries scored.....yep I'm hurting. Wasted wasted wasted chance after chance... rant over.

Conal Mc Menamin

The three biggest factors in Wales' win:
1. Ireland, throwing 3/4s of our chances
2. Barnes, throwing away the other 1/4
A distant 3. Wales.

Dónal Foley

Poor selection. Every team that's been successful has picked in form players. Joe picks the guys who have done a job for him in the past. If plan A doesn't work, try plan A again. Very disappointing. Please don't pick leinster players next week. We have a European cup to win.

Baz C. Ryan

Dreadful. So much possession but no spark or pace & lack of footwork and creativity.... I'm afraid that likes of Best, Heaslip, R Kearney & Bowe should all leave gracefully & likes of Scannell/S Cronin, Conan, Leavy , Adam Byrne & Carbery/O Halloran need to be integrated into squad. And Wales are no great shakes although deserved to win...

Jamie Donohoe

You have to take your points away from home. Kicking to the corner in an effort to 'show them who's boss' backfires when you can't win your own lineout. We let them back into the game and gave them hope when we should have been keeping the scoreboard ticking over.

Andrew Byrne

Its unlikely you will find any answer from these thoughts
For my part the writing has been on the wall for a long time.
Thee are too many players not of international standard and some of those never have been.
Player selection may not all be down to Schmidt there may be still voices from above that swing final decisions.
The weight of expectancy was very much from the heart for the last number of years as at anytime Ireland would not have won a world cup may have come close but not have won.
Its time for a clear out and move on from there with hopefully Schmidt at the wheel.

Derek Nagle

We made the least of our opportunities, the Welsh the most of theirs. Time to reflect and regather, but the calls for heads to roll are reactionary at best.

Cian Ó Muilleoir

First comment, Wales deserved that win so no complaints there. Did our boys try their best? Yes undoubtedly. Were our skill sets up where they should be? Absolutely not. You can't expect to win matches when you can't convert your chances whilst in the opposition 22. We seem to suffer from being unable to positively use 5m line outs and when we do a rush of blood disallows a certain try. The bottom line is that if we cannot get good, quick ball from stable set pieces we're going to suffer as we did. Casting my mind back I can't recall any opportunity where we seriously threatened their line. We had similar problems getting in behind them and when we did their scramble defence and our errors meant it all came to nothing. In a nutshell defences were on top and they made more of their opportunities than we did. When you get three interceptions and nothing comes of them you know it's not going to be your day. Still as the late Axel Foley said you're never as bad as they say you were and neither are you as good as they say you were so time to get up off the ground dust down and get a BP Win against England next week (not kidding) #COYBIG Just one final point, I'm really gutted that Jamie Heaslip will remember his 💯 cap for this.

Richard Mifsud

I will try and avoid knee jerk reactions but basically this is who we are
Inconsistent in that we can't "get up" for consecutive big games
On the players I think best is going down hill our props are not as good as we all think
Toners line out calling has been terrible recently our backrow is unbalanced and SOB is in only on reputation as his form has been meh
Half backs are an asset
Centres again unbalanced 12 is Henshaws 3rd position and he is wasted there Ringrose will be quality but he is a nothing jersey at this stage
Back 3 is pedestrian
Rob should play GAMESGAA as all he can do is catch and kick
Zebo appears to have slowed and his positional play regressed
Earls was a curates egg
Overall our attack is anemic and we rely on a blunt force approach as our basic skills are sorely lacking

Mark Thompson

Well having attended the match and having time to sleep on it I still have the same opinion. Apart from some strong D at times, the rest was WOEFUL 😓😓😓. All year I've been screaming at the gaping hole wide which once again allowed the first try. The entire back line needs reviewing. There are a plethora of great young talent in the 4 Provinces and we need that now. No creativity on the main.... and WTF is Zebo lacing up a pair of boots for. Out of class at this level. I for one DO have concerns.

Joe Sheppard

First time I have seen a maul over the try line being penalised, I imagine it will be a long time before I see it again. Quite unusual.

Andrew Potts

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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