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Online comments after Ireland v England

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Great win, but we should have moved on now from just stopping other teams winning grand slams - we should be winning them ourselves. Progression needed

O'Mahony was outstanding, O'Brien needs to sort out handling errors

Conor Murphy

Luke McGrath take a bow, great kick at the right time. Great performance all round. A championship of 'only ifs'

Bert McLoughlin

Great to see the younger players step up. Great win.

Sarah Kerr

C-C-C-C-Combo BREAKER!!!
If only we could keep it at that level every match.
Far from perfect performance, but plenty of what we did had a decent return. Took points when they were on offer, unbreached in defense, but 1 try from all that possession isn't a great return. To borrow a line from politics; lots done, more to do.

Dónal Foley

Far more accurate today, exactly what was missing last week and against Scotland.

Paul Meade

Made my day, week and year well :)

Peggy Sibbald

A fine win and played the conditions well but we need to work on our attack, it's far too one dimensional. Also need to look at the makeup of the backline, needs pace and a passing centre. With Aki coming in, so we move henshaw to 15?

Derek Tormey

Ireland never let us play. Fair play and we'll done. Glad all the Leinster players are ok for 2 weeks time. #COYBIB From an English Leinster fan 👍

Colin Campbell

Hard to know which one bowls me over more....the win or Eddie Jones' complimentary post match interview😧

Elizabeth Ward

Never been more happy to have been wrong.

Chris Mcdonnell

Hard fought, gritty & passioned win!! I'm looking forward to seeing how Joe builds from hereon in for the future. Time for some changes in the back line...... for now though brilliant return after Cardiff and thoroughly deserved 😎

Joe Sheppard

Great result and the team played as a unit. O'Mahoney gives the team a much better balance and adds so much to the line out. Marmion fitted in great and I thought Payne ran some great lines. Has given Joe a few things to think about moving forward

Craig Boyd

Complete performance from everyone, even Luke McGrath looked like an old pro when he came on. It's just a pity we had that wobble in the first half against the Scots.

Richard Collumb

Delighted. Many tremendous performances, but O'Mahony was immense. Yes, injury has been an issue for him, but the shift he put in today raises a massive question around why he was a) on the bench for most of the championship and b) introduced so late in Cardiff. The point being, there was nothing surprising about his performance today. That said, first and foremost delighted with a massive showing across the board today.

Mark Barry

Great to get a win against England and denying them a slam is lovely and all but I can't help feeling this just papers of the cracks of a really poor tournament.
Our game plan is to stop other teams playing, single runners and box kicks. That to me seems like a waste of a very talented group of players. It's like using a Ferrari in a demolition derby.
Beating England is great and the squad should be thrilled with that but tomorrow someone needs to look the style of game we are playing and how far it can actually get us. Oh and Vern Cotter is looking for employment. Just saying

Iain O'Connor


Nothing better than sticking it to the English, especially to wreck their record chasing and ruin their grand slam hopes.

Yet, somewhat disappointed at the overall performance of the side this tournament. So much potential, only to show up for 2 games really. (France/England)

Need to be consistent. But plenty of great prospects in this side. The provinces are producing, time for the nation to produce the performances!

Ben Byrne

Mike brown knocking on at the end has just made my year. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. O'Mahony in the line out made a difference but so hard to pick the best back row from all the players available.

Paul O'Brien

A lot of nay saying going on... the (Facebook) post says leave your comments on this game, and on this game Ireland played well. Disruptions to the plan in advance with players being injured, and every player called on stepped up. The strength in depth we have is great.
Yes it's frustrating to see so much possession for so few points, but the aim was to get a win. Job done.
Denying England a slam and a record is a lovely added bonus. Well done Joe and his team
Yes, the series brings about questions, but they're to be looked at before the group travel to Japan, keeping in mind that a number of these players won't go, I don't even know how many of the questions can be answered.

Conor Cronin

What about the balls on Luke McGrath to make that kick to the corner??? Massive call, awesome execution. Marked himself out as a man for the future.

Eddie Jones said that we were a team who played above themselves today but i believe that this is our level and that we have underperformed in this tournament. Only today did we get back to our true level of performance.

Andrew Byrne

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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