Sunday, January 01, 2017

Online comments after Leinster v Ulster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Mike Wilson

Good win but everyone knows we left the BP out there. Nice to see the new breed coming through from the academy.

Colin Campbell

As an Ulster fan, I'm pretty distraught at that performance to be honest!

Andy Harrison

Not good enough (from either side) but as a Leinster fan, why so many penalties and not finishing off a beaten team and getting the bonus point was a failure of Leo's selection for these two games.

Both wingers were very good. Both centres equally impressive. ISA is Isa. Half back not so good. Pack didn't really dominate as much as they should have considering that the Ulster pack was missing some of their better players.

Anyway good to see progress with good young outside backs pity we are missing a 10 and that judging on the past 7 days both 9's are far from the complete package.

Oh and for the abuse I've given the man in the past I have to say Noel Reid has really stepped up and improved his defence. Well done Noel

Chris Mcdonnell

Ulster were rubbish. Leinster should have had a bonus point wrapped up. Not a classic but then when one team doesn't turn up its never going to be one

Craig Boyd

Nice to get the win, but disappointed that it was not a bonus pt win. Leinster gave away penalities & allowed Ulster to much ball in the second half. The one positive note is the Academy production line is working well & should be fully recognized and appreciated.

Gerald Williamson

On the radio, Ryle Nugent at the start of the game was bleating on about the teams not being at full strength and that it was devaluing the fixture (despite it being a full house), question is given the strength in depth that Leinster have, it was hardly a weak team. Ulster though have a real problem as outside first 15 there is little strength in depth. Shame to leave the bonus point behind.

Declan Finlay

Noel Hewson Young wingers really stepping up and ringrose is a beast of a defender plenty to be positive about

A couple of quality tries and a handy win...totally controlled the game up to our third try but stopped playing after that. Not too sure why everyone is bleating about bonus points as we were hardly in their half for the final 30 minutes..

Stephen Girvin

Workman like performance but lacked killer punch to get BP to see off a poor Ulster team.

Richard Collumb

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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