Friday, January 20, 2017

Laya Healthcare uncovers The Heartbeat of Leinster Rugby

by Laya Healthcare

Social experiment highlights the exhilaration displayed in the RDS Arena

Ahead of Leinster’s game with Castres Olympique tonight, laya healthcare went behind the scenes at last weekend’s European clash between Leinster and Montpellier to capture the heart racing moments of the game.

In order to find out just what it means to be the heartbeat of Leinster Rugby, laya healthcare teamed up with some ‘True Blue’ fans. The heartbeats of four Leinster Rugby supporters were monitored while they watched the game. Daragh Coleman was monitored from the comfort of his home, with Audrey Hevey, John Martin and Leinster’s beloved Leo the Lion all monitored in the RDS.

While post-match analysis was taking place, laya healthcare was doing analysis of another kind, assessing and measuring the heart racing moments of the game, based on the data gathered with the heart monitor technology.

The average beats per minute (BPM) for a healthy adult is 60 – 100 bpm, super fan Audrey’s heartbeat surpassed the average at 16 minutes into the game at 144 bpm, in anticipation of Leinster’s first try of the game by Isa Nacewa.

The facts are in … it is more exciting to watch the game amongst the roar of the fans in the RDS than in the heat and comfort of your home:

Average beats per minute (BPM) watching the game pitch side: 125 BPM

Average BPM watching the game at home: 77 BPM

Multiple heart racing moments in the game:

Luke McGrath’s spectacular try in the second half gave stadium fan, John Martin a staggering heartbeat of 159 BPM
Leinster’s mascot Leo the Lion clearly absorbed the crowd’s energy, when his heartbeat soared to 182 BPM, 10 minutes into the game, as the Leinster Rugby fans garnered all of their enthusiasm to support their team in the midst of an early Montpellier artillery.

The most common heart racing moment amongst stadium and at home fans was Adam Byrne’s superb try at 30 minutes. At home fan Daragh Coleman was relaxed at 94 BPM, while we saw spikes in the RDS with Audrey Hevey hitting 135 BPM and John Martin 123 BPM. Leo the Lion reached 173 BPM at 31 minutes as he lapped up the rapture of the home crowd.

Burn calories watching a Leinster Rugby game

The experiment also showed that fans can burn more calories watching the game in the stadium than at home. With an average BPM of 145, Leo the Lion’s energy and excitement certainly pays off burning over 2000 kcals over the course of the game compared to John at 661 kcals, Audrey 393 kcals to just over 200 kcals by home fan Daragh.

Long-time Leinster Rugby fan Audrey Hevey said: “I love rugby for the excitement, encapsulating all the highs and lows that fans go through. When laya healthcare asked me to take part in the Heartbeat of Leinster Rugby, I was delighted. It was certainly interesting to see what moments of the weekend’s game got my heart racing.”

With all the excitement going on in the RDS, Daragh had a much more relaxing experience at home, with an average BPM of 77 during the course of Leinster’s triumph.

Lorraine Walsh, Head of Marketing with Laya Healthcare said: “As Health and Wellness partner to Leinster Rugby, laya healthcare really wanted to find out and share with the loyal Leinster Rugby fans what rugby moments get their hearts racing and beating.”

“The Heartbeat of Leinster Rugby is all about bringing fans - both pitch side and indeed at home - together in a fun and novel way to see whether the likes of Nacewa’s first try or Ringrose’s last minute score drives hearts soaring higher than the stadium itself, all the while promoting good heart health”, she continued.

Reflecting on the heart beating results, Lorraine Walsh said: “The difference in results between pitch side fans in contrast to their ‘at home’ counterpart are staggering. The Heartbeat of Leinster Rugby really proves that you can’t beat being in the stadium in the midst of match excitement.”

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019