Sunday, November 27, 2016

Online comments after Ireland v Australia

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Savage win I doubted they would get back after going behind but serious bottle in this team

Noel Hewson

Sloppy, but defiant.

Kristian Ross

Phenomenal win. That they were able to win that game given the number of backs who went off is a testament to the depth, strength and character in the squad. Bring on the 6 Nations.

Imelda Reidy

I think aussie blew it. Irish were out on their feet from the attrition of the last 3 games being very physical. Good heart but the 6 nations is a long competition and if you can't manage the players it's going to be extremely tough. ABs would have rolled your boys in that 2nd half, execution in the backline is a lot better vs aussies throwing.

Ireland and Wales can put out a good 23 but once the toll of injury happens there is some questions about depth. Genia and Foley should have taken control, a patched work backline can be rolled but yep the boys should great heart. Your pack is so good at the moment, the strength at the tackle and breakdown is impressive.

Hayden Henderson


Naomi Farrell 

Fantastic win in trying circumstances injury before and during the game. Great mental strength to turn the scoreboard back around and to see out the win. Some great young players having great games - furlong VDF Ringrose all outstanding

Wayne O'Brien

A lot to be encouraged by going into the 6N. I thought we were doomed after going behind, but in context it was very impressive to win, given the patched up nature of the backline for the second half. That said, my abiding memory - and maybe this is unduely negative - is the appalling kick out on the full by Jackson at 17-0 that gave them the platform to get back to 17-7 pre-interval. Had we lost, I suspect that error would be getting a lot more attention...

Mark Barry

Outstanding win by the lads today with some many guys playing out of position and Australia with a really good game plan it could have gone wrong for us today with a blind side wing 3/4 on the bench not to many coaches would be brave enough to do that

Odran John OBrien

We had 3 of the 7 backs playing in position at the end and still managed a win. That's some serious going. Payne once again shown to be key to defence. Got very narrow at times without him.

Dónal Foley

Did very well to pull that off, especially after we went behind.

Andrew Potts

Thrilled with that result. Thought we were goners when Oz took the lead. Great character shown by all. Joe's selections eg Earls, Hendo, Ringrose paid off. Our bench delivered impact big time, which was great to see for Church and PO'M after being out so long with injury!!! Éire abú!!!!!!!!!!!

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh

This performance needs to be viewed against the backdrop of the psychological hit from last week and the inordinate amount of reshuffling both prior to, and within the match itself. Taking all of that into consideration and the opposition, this was nothing short of the most complete victory I've witnessed (blood pressure increases notwithstanding 😜). The most important thing for me apart from the individual brilliance of some of our players was the power of the collective and their ability to rediscover and reinvigorate themselves within the match and refuse to lose. In sum a very satisfying performance. I look forward with a great deal of optimism. Joe et al are building something special here let's just hope timing and injuries don't derail it. My final point must be about Centurion Rorius Bestius. What a humble man, but boy what a lump of steel he carries within him. So incredibly pleased for him and for the boys to get the win made it that much more special for him. Sláinte ☘☘☘🏉🏉🏉

Richard Mifsud

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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