Sunday, November 20, 2016

Online comments after Ireland v New Zealand II

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Well done fought so hard

Dee Mc Sweeney

9-7 win if it was ref'ed legally. Scandalous.

Elaine Walley

We didn't take the opportunities when it mattered. But seriously cynical play from NZ and awful officiating. Very proud girl. The future is unbelievably bright with this Irish Squad. In particular today SOB, Heaslip, furlong and Josh VDF!

Denise O'Brien

We all know peyper is average at best and I think he let the game flow as much as possible without the dropped balls and infringing. Best did his homework and put pressure on peyper to get the rub of the green. I think Ireland didn't spin it often enough, alot of inside channels running but that's about it. We seriously need to look at our combos, Todd would compliment that Bogan at 6 better than cane. Fekitoa is rubbish and Smith needs to go home and sort his mind out. Good grind from Ireland.

Hayden Henderson

166 tackles made by NZ to Ireland's 66 tells the story, if you ignore Peyper's disregard for trivial things such as World Rugby's guidelines for player safety

Conor Murphy 

Great effort but couldn't make the extra man count on two occasions. On the wrong side of some very questionable decisions for 2 tries. Van de Flier, Heaslip, O'Brien, Jackson superb. Tough game. New Zealand know they were in a test match.

Imelda Reidy

Ref wasn't great but the tmo was disgraceful, a few calls that should have gone our way would have changed the game. Irish lads were great today, really made NZ change their approach, it was a dogfight. Brilliant game except for the result.

Gareth Fair 

The score did not reflect the game. 2 tries that should never have been allowed. The post match interviews show that the All Blacks themselves know they were lucky. Its about time this bias towards them was investigated

Julie Mee 

We'll probably be stuck on the two decisions for AB tries, in my mind Sexton was a high tackle so likely a pen try and the third looked like it was level so no complaints. The real problem was the loss of our 10-12 axis, our alignment went completely after phase possession when on attack. That was the difference. We're definitely at the top table now though.

Derek Tormey 

Ringrose and VDF were incredible. For two young lads, to play the way they did was something else.

Micheal Mac An TSagart

I'm just happy all our Irish players finished the game with their heads still attached. Created some really good plays but just cudnt get d try. Well done to all tho, early subs did extremely well. JVDF & Ringrose were super

Elaine Cully

The Ref and TMO didn't do us any favours but a lot of positives too. O'Brien, Heaslip and VDF immense and Ringrose really grew into the game. Beaten but unbowed 🍀🍀🍀

Paul Smith

Well done lads New Zealand given 2 tries which should not have been given and sorry to say about the game l love the referee was outrageous and should not referee an International game again

Odran John OBrien

Eddie, brent, shane all too hard on them they were heroes in the face of severe adversity and frustrating decisions on the pitch would have anyone fuming. Lads kept their heads and they have shown why rugby is one of the greatest sports on this planet.

Niamh Condell

If you have as much ball and territory as Ireland did you need to be better.  Agree with POC basically we get the most brutal and intense NZ because they respected us.  Now that level of performance and intensity has to be the baseline and not the peak

Mark Thompson

It's about time the Refs called time on these guys in two games we have three yellows. One tip tackle, one swinging high arm. A scoring forward pass that they didn't even look at a non clear grounding and in a recent match against SA another controversial grounding.
Jamie must be wondering how he ever got sent off.

Andrew Potts

They cynically targeted our 7, 10 and 12 and killed every opportunity we had in their 22. Poor game mgmnt from us IMHO never to go for the corner and 5 instead of 3. Shocking from the ref. Loss of Sexton and henshaw killed us.

Col O'Reilly

We deserved more but maybe we used up all our luck in Chicago. Roll on Australia next weekend.

Andrew Byrne 

They need to lay down a marker about all that high tackling. Those officials will have a lot of explaining to do in the post match review. Some very questionable decisions

Peter O'Gorman

Tired of these moral victories. Similar to France last season in Paris NZ engaged in rough house tactics to get the win. Why do we put up with this when the officials won't protect our lads? When are we going to fight fire with fire?

Also our attack was substandard. Our backline proved no great threat. Our attacking was toothless similar to the third Test in South Africa. We've a pack to beat the crap out of Stephen Moore and his forwards but Foley, Folau et al are a more formidable threat by some distance than our backs.

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh

We as a nation have closed the gap! Never mind the lions focus on Japan and we won't be far off!

Conor O'Neill

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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