Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Follow your schools or club rugby team's progress with Ruggo.net

The Wicklow RFC under 13’s play Ashbourne away this weekend, and for many parents of both clubs it will not be possible to travel to the game. Imagine there was a way that these parents could follow the score live on their phones as they would follow the Leinster score online?

Ruggo is a brand new web application that allows clubs and schools to score all their games pitch-side, with the score then immediately available to anyone who visits ruggo.net

Ruggo was built by Brendon Shields, who got tired of chasing people on Whatsapp or drifting about on twitter to try and find the scores of his beloved teams. According to Shields most clubs and school only update their facebook and web pages the Monday after a weeks games, and to the true rugby fan this is simply not good enough.

“I am interested in so many school teams in my region but the process of trying to find out the scores, especially of B teams and younger age group teams is just a nightmare. I wanted there to exist a space where all community rugby scores can be easily found, so I built ruggo!”

Ruggo further offers local business an advertising platform with half of the money being donated to the school or club whose scores are ‘sponsored’. According to Shields. “One of they key challenges facing community rugby is funding. We wanted to make it possible for local businesses to not only advertise to the local community but at the same time support local rugby teams financially.”  Ruggo is therefore a ‘win-win’ project where parents and fans, as well as rugby clubs and local business gets something out of it.

School or clubs who want to start scoring on Ruggo can do so today by entering www.ruggo.net in their browser. From there you simply select your country and region and register your club.

The app was launched this weekend in Ireland and Canada and will soon be available in all rugby-playing countries.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019