Friday, November 04, 2016

Crossfield kick by Chris McDonnell – Part 7

Hello boys and girls, it's almost impossible to have a decent moan about Leinster these days as we are not only playing great rugby be we are winning too. So I'll turn to the Ireland team.

Reports say that Rob Kearney is starting fullback. I am not going to get into the fact that nothing he has done in 3 seasons suggests he should play for Ireland, Joe picked him so that's that.

Joe in his wisdom has selected Trimble, Zebo, Kearney, Payne and Henshaw (4 full backs and a 6 foot 3 winger). So basically Joe believes we can't beat them by playing rugby so it's a box kicking fiesta for the start to the finish. Kick the ball high into the sky and chase after it. Hopefully Conor Murray gets his boxkicks right and the chasers chase all day, otherwise we are going to get a tanking.

Now I know most people believe we will get beat anyway so at least have a cut and play some rugby but with this selection Joe see a possible way to win, it's going to be horrible to watch but he thinks its our best chance.

Now the other selection that causes concern is Jordi Murphy at 7. I am a Murphy fan kinda. He's a very intelligent rugby player and suited to playing 6 or 8 but I have grave concerns about him at 7. I'd rate JVDF, Sean O'Brien and even Dan Leavy as better 7's. Jordi won't make mistakes and won't give away penalties, he will make tackles and hit rucks but will not give you what any of the other 3 give you. He's not the power house that SOB is. He's not as quick and doesn't make as many tackles as Josh and he's not as brutish and offers the try scoring option that Dan gives.

Saying that he done a very good job v Munster but Munster played a very tight, straight up type of game that day, similar to what South Africa did in the summer. The allblacks will not run straight lines all day and a real open side I believe is what's needed.

I am not going to predict the result. It's simple for us to have a chance Murrary's boxkicks need to be on the money and Sexton needs to make even kick count on the score board. Oh and please god don't let any of the All Blacks run at the turnstile that is Rob Kearney.

Chris McDonnell - 47 years old, 32 years of playing rugby union and 12 playing rugby league, I have started a rugby match in every position apart from 9. Find myself as a tighthead prop these days. Leinster fan first and foremost but will watch Munster if they’re on the telly.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019