Sunday, September 18, 2016

Online comments after Edinburgh v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Rugby Opinion

Glad that's over. Scrum is bad and line out is worse. Great to come away with the points but a long way off from being the complete package. Looking forward to getting back to the RDS

Baz C. Ryan

For 30 mins of the 1st half Leinster looked good - very good. But then old habits in the 2nd half. Typified by the 64th minute - under the cosh the entire half we get penalty but miss touch, next lineout is crooked, next scrum we give away soft penalty and back we go under the cosh. Basic errors killing us. Defence good at times but marred by some really shoddy tackling. But hey a bonus point away win - we'll take that

Andrew Bailey

After that very early scare we played some good first half rugby to secure the bp. But we sank to their level in the second half and let them dictate the game. Not sure we deserved to deny them a losing bp.

Conor Cronin

A win with a bonus point= job done. Standard of officiating was very poor, penalty against Ringrose for blocking kick- why? Leavy's yellow card was a joke. Missed a blatant knock on at the beginning of the 2nd half

Bert McLoughlin

The polar opposite to last week. Happy with the result, disappointed with the performance. That second half was as frustrating as anything in the last 3 years. Some serious concerns about our set piece. And with the experience we had out there we should not have seen that drop off.
Byrne can't continue to be selected being so poor at his primary role. And why is it that when the internationals come back we stop seeing the positive attacking game? Same last season.
And the less said about those officials the better. How 3 of them can call a charge down a deliberate knock on......

John Molloy

Some good but some very poor from Leinster we are really in need of one of our players to stand up and take charge Gibson Park did what he did in Super Rugby and good to see but sorry to say again the standard of refereeing from Mr Wilkinson was was nothing less than disgraceful and I feel that the Pro 12 / IRB must act and act now

Odran John OBrien

Went soft in the second half, how Leinster culturally kep letting teams back into games is amazing at this stage.

Andrew Potts

It's not like me to be a light of positivity around here but we played as good a half of rugby as we have done in a long time. I'll admit we played a poor enough second half but hey!
We are one of the only teams I can think off that put absolutely no pressure on the opposition throw.
We make every lineout they get a free throw.
Maybe that's what's happens to our hookers, we don't train putting hookers under pressure so come game time when the other side jump our hookers panic as they are not use to players competing for the ball.
Something has to change at lineout time.
We have 4 hookers and none of them are even average at throwing in the ball.

Chris Mcdonnell

We nearly went the whole second half without scoring. Id like to know how many games we have drawn a blank in the second half in the last year

Shane O' Brien

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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