Sunday, June 19, 2016

IRFU SC competition June 2016

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S 9 I 3



It's "unriggable raffle" time again and once again we have our good friends at the IRFU Supporters Club to thank for our latest prize;   they're sponsoring one competition every month (note : this is the final one for this season)

The owner of the winning square this Saturday will win themselves a one-year adult membership of the IRFU SC - click here to see all the Irish Rugby goodness that goes with it.

As always, to qualify for the competition you will have to stay tuned to the HarpinOnRugby Facebook page throughout the coming week and follow the instructions when the post is published. 


There will be just ONE opportunity to enter this time.  A post will appear on the Facebook page on one of the following nights this week at 9pm – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

The first 100 to leave a comment before midnight will receive a square on the grid. 

Should there be spaces left over at midnight, the spare ones will be allocated to those already entered, in the order of entry.  In other words, whoever enters first on the timeline gets the first extra square, etc.

The rugby match which will provide the winning square for this competition is Ireland's Third Test clash with South Africa on Saturday, June 25, 2016.

The following extra rules are unfortunate but necessary.

  • the competition winner will only be contacted via the social media account they used to qualify

  • for some windows “edited” Facebook comments will not be permitted as entries…this will be outlined as part of the post where it applies

  • for transparency purposes your qualifying comment must remain on the social media post until at least two hours of completion of the rugby match that is to determine the competition winner.

  • be aware that Facebook have been known to display comments in a random order on the web; as competition organisers we will do all we can to ensure the timeline is properly followed in each window.

  • entrants’ positions on the grid are set and not open for discussion, nor are any other final decisions made by the competition organisers.

    If you have any questions about the competition and/or its format or would like to sponsor one down the line, feel free to email we'd be happy to help. BE SURE AND HAVE A GO AND BEST OF LUCK!!! JLP
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    Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019