Sunday, March 06, 2016

Online comments after Leinster v Ospreys

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Rugby Opinion

We did a lot of good stuff. The try was magic. Delighted to see Ferg putting a positive stamp on proceedings. Madigan's kicking out of hand was substandard. He missed touch on a number of occasions. Reddan's box kicks seemed to merely increase the pressure on us. Second half we looked like mentally we wanted to sit on our laurels and allowed them too much of the initiative. We also botched two try scoring opportunities off line outs on their five yard line. A win sure, but unsatisfactory.

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh

Another Pro12 refereeing masterclass. Why not neutral refs? He stopped just short of penalising Leinster for ' not being Welsh' ! Aside from that a flashback to the MO'C era of aimless box kicking. Madigan looks like his confidence has been shot to pieces. Otherwise a win is a win - good displays by Moloney, Murphy, Leavy and Teo

Andrew Bailey

Well done Leinster. 19-16; appropriate or what? 3 from 4 so far; down to Munster now to make it 4 from 4. SUAF, please!

James Griffin

Allowing teo to leave was really poor management.
Lots of disjointed stuff today and I can't say it enough this 7/8 changes every week stops any sort of continuity from game to game.
Anyway leavy, teo and Maloney look good some positive stuff and a win is a win but should be better at this stage

Chris Mcdonnell

There does need to be a conversation about officiating standards in this competition. In the first half we were getting in behind their defensive line almost at will due to really good, quick ball. In the second half Ospreys just made sure to stick a hand in rucks onto the ball to slow things down. Not once was this penalised. Players going in the side on their own ball wasn't either except for once when Leinster did it. At the scrum when Ospreys all stood up and the ball squirted out to the Ospreys advantage yet again nothing was done. Quite a few times in that second half poor officiating led to Ospreys momentum.

It also should be said that Leinster errors handed Ospreys momentum a fair bit too. We were by a distance the better team in the first half and should have continued that on into the second. It's a bit of a worry that we didn't. But Ospreys played well too so the win is still a positive result and some of the rugby in the first half was joyous to watch.

Madigan isn't a 10. A guy with lots of skill and talent he is, but the ability to truly manage a game is beyond him. He has never done it before and we need to acknowledge that the chances of him soon so in future is minimal. That Marsh didn't get any time is a concern. But Leavy for me was the real shining light in that game. Another real openside from Leinster. He was great. Te'o obviously was too. Molony got pinged a few times but some of his work was exceptional as well. That maul that he "pulled down" showed how destructive he can be on opposition ball. And Redser had a fine game as well. Reeling back the years.....

John Molloy

Madigan and Reddan were muck in the second half. McGrath really has to start from now on. Such a shame to see the back of Te'o at the end of the season. Jordi was a vast improvement on recent performances

Cormac Mannion

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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