Sunday, February 21, 2016

Online comments after Cardiff v Leinster

A selection of the “keyboard warrior” reactions after the full-time whistle of our featured matches of the weekend.

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Rugby Opinion

Can't be underestimated just how bad Cardiff were. That was painful to watch.
Nevertheless, in a few months time this will be forgotten, and we'll still have the four points, so onwards and upwards!

Daragh Faughnan

Strong performance in tough conditions. McFadden proved again that he's tough as nails, but how he jumped the queue to the bench against France I'll never know. Cullen should keep the job for another year as he's doing a brilliant job of rotating players and developing the younger guys in difficult games

Sean Ironfrothwolf Dempsey

Great game considering the conditions. Ferg card wasn't even a pen.

Damien J Doherty

Very valuable win. Great for the spirit of the team and will stand to us in coming weeks. But all done despite the best efforts of the ref Fitzgibbon. He is simply appalling week in and week out. And not just to us - our lineout before try was yards crooked. The likes of him, Hodges and Whitehouse are damaging Pro12 rugby

Andrew Bailey

A great win, by all accounts, grit and passion as well. I didn't see the match as I refuse to watch any match that Peter Fitzgibbon referees. I just get too excited , it invariably spoils my entire weekend and often a visit to the Doctor on the Monday

Keith Bailey

Difficult conditions but the match was wrapped up with 15 to go until Jordi made a serious blunder which very nearly cost the game. Good debut from Mick Kearney, really impressed. And Conans first game back from injury was excellent. Redser had a good one too as did Healy.
Not a great advert for the game but an important 4 points which puts us in a good position now for a home SF I reckon.

A note on our defence, which has been really good all season. Our tacklers were regularly driving guys backward and we generally seemed fairly comfortable when Cardiff had the ball. That hit by Strauss on Fish was superb.

John Molloy

Great result. Serious shifts put in by Triggs and Kearney. Cian Healy played his best match in a long time, IMO. I know the wind made things difficult, but God Almighty some of the options we took on our own line outs were cock eyed!!!!!

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh

I thought the halfbacks were absolute muck. Lineout a shambles and get again we failed to adapt to Fitzgibbon's interpretation of the breakdown, i.e. you can't ever come through the gate because he blows for coming in from the side.

Cormac Mannion

Impressed by Kearney and the returning Conan. Ref seems to go out of his way to prove he is not biased, card for McFadden was very harsh. Pro12 must insist on neutral referees for these fixtures.

Andrew Byrne

Tough watching that, some great defensive work going on but Leinster really tried to snatch a famous defeat.
Could Leinster half backs sit down with a few beers and watch a few games with a few great Leinster half backs and talk tactics, decision making ie that soft stuff. Really a conversation with the likes of J Robbie or O Campbell would be at lot of use.

Andrew Potts

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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