Sunday, February 07, 2016

Matchday Rugby Stats app competition

Match 1  : Leinster 52 Zebre 0. Winning square, H2 A0
Emily Moss
Match 2 - France 10 Ireland 9. Winning square H0 A9
Will Finane
Match 3 - Wales 27 Scotland 23. Winning square H7 A3
Brian Reilly
Match 4 - France Women 18 Ireland Women 6. Winning square H8 A6
Damien J Doherty
Match 5 - Italy 9 England 40. Winning square H9 A0
Ciara Byrne
Note : this week’s format is slightly different than usual please read carefully
For this week’s “unriggable raffle” competition we have FIVE copies of the new Matchday Rugby Stats app (for Android devices) to give away.  What say we let them tell you a little more about it…

Did you know that an under 14 rugby match sees on average 8 line-outs and 13 scrums. The same match will see on average 115 passes and 162 tackles. Knowing this, how much time will you spend training scums? Or say your team makes 11 line-breaks per game but only scores 2 tries, how will you rectify that during training?

If after 5 league games you realize that your team always makes double the tackles in the second half than they do in the first - how will you change your fitness regime - specifically around your player’s ability to contest and retain possession?

Up until now the above statistics were expensive to gather with complicating computer data systems linked to GPS. This meant that only professional or semi-professional clubs and teams could really afford to record proper match data.

All this has changed with the release of MatchDay Rugby Stats, a mobile application designed with the school and amateur club coach in mind. For a mere Eur15 you can now use your smartphone to record all these and other vital match statistics right next to the pitch during  a match.

The app is a push-button solution that works in real-time to record rugby teams or individual players before sending match information to coaches, players and parents straight after half time or a gamesend. This allows coaches to plan more focussed training sessions while giving players and parents clearer game targets to reach and improve upon.

“This app is going to make our jobs so much easier as coaches because we can now coach with real information about our teams.”


“The matchday app has totally changed how I coach, and I have not even started using it to measure my opponents!”


Can’t wait to try it out?  Click here to download

As always, to qualify for the competition you will have to stay tuned to the HarpinOnRugby Facebook page throughout the coming week and follow the instructions when the posts are published.  Below you will see a grid showing the days, times and number of qualifiers for each post.
This week there are FIVE chances to win and for that we’ll need five rugby matches…
Friday, Feb 12 : Leinster v Zebre, 7:30pm
Saturday, Feb 13 : France v Ireland, 2:25pm
Saturday, Feb 13 : Wales v Scotland, 4:50pm
Saturday, Feb 13 : France v Ireland (Women), 8pm
Sunday, Feb 14 : Italy v England, 2pm
As with all of our unriggable raffles there will still be just the one grid with 100 squares.  Should the same square come up more than once or should the same contestant win more than one prize we have alternative rules in place to ensure there are five different winners.
The following extra rules are unfortunate but necessary.
  • the winner must provide an address on the island of Ireland
  • the competition winner will only be contacted via the social media account they used to qualify
  • only one entry per separate Facebook account is allowed each day, but it’s ok to enter once on each of the four days
  • each window closes 3 hours after posting – if all of the spots are not all taken, the extra ones will be allocated in a manner to be determined by the competition organisers.
  • when you are asked to leave an “exact phrase” this means you can use the phrase with OR without the quotes; also, since speed is a factor in the competition we will make allowances for typos once it is clear a decent attempt has been made to repeat the phrase
  • for some windows “edited” Facebook comments will not be permitted as entries…this will be outlined as part of the post where it applies
  • for transparency purposes your qualifying comment must remain on the social media post until at least two hours of completion of the rugby match that is to determine the competition winner.
  • be aware that Facebook have been known to display comments in a random order on the web; as competition organisers we will do all we can to ensure the timeline is properly followed in each window.
  • entrants’ positions on the grid are set and not open for discussion, nor are any other final decisions made by the competition organisers.


    Wiith 5 different matches this week being used for the competition, meaning the same entrant could win more than one prize, we have put rules in place to ensure we get 5 different winners.

    1. The grid will be checked in sequence according to the order of kickoff times as stated above, ie Leinster v Zebre first, then France v Ireland, and so on.
    2. Should the final score of a match bring about a winner who has already won from a different match, the halftime score will be used to find an alternative winner.
    3. Should the halftime score also produce a repeat winner, the timelines from the Facebook page posts will be used to decide the winner, going in this order : Monday 1st entrant on the timeline,, Tuesday 1, Wednesday 1, Thursday 1, Monday 2, Tuesday 2,  and so on until we have our full complement of 5 different winners.

    If you have any questions about the competition and/or its format or would like to sponsor one down the line, feel free to email we'd be happy to help. BE SURE AND HAVE A GO AND BEST OF LUCK!!! JLP

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