Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rugby Union Team Manager 2016 Season Update and 50% price drop.

How’s that for a Christmas present?

Rugby Union Team Manager is the leading Rugby Union management game out there, with the most comprehensive, realistic feel and is now cut by 50% on Steam… and that’s not even the best bit - There is now a completely FREE 15/16 season update for the game. It’s truly a perfect gift for any Rugby Union fan this Christmas!

Rugby Union Team Manager immerses the player in the dynamic world of Rugby management. Allowing the player to battle their way through season after season; securing success both on and off the field. Pleasing the fans, and the star players whilst maintaining the backing of the boardroom is essential. You are in complete control.

If you have what it takes to steer your team to glory, pick up Rugby Union Team Manager here:

In RUTM we have a unique management system that allows you to watch matches in both 2D & 3D with our fully integrated match engine. You as the manager are able to have full interaction whilst matches are being played. Control your team from the touchline and issue orders when you desire, you are able to turn the tide of a game in real-time! Adapt tactics, defensive zones, offensive moves and implement your very own playing style in order to break down your opponents!

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Decisions, decisions, decisions…

With you in control you get to build your team – choose from the best leagues and competitions around the world. Our extensive database includes over 14,500 players as well as over 320 playable teams to choose from. It is important to find the right formula in order to create a winning team.

As well as building your own team on the pitch, you also have control off it! With the ability to create a backroom team with a host of staff: Assistants, Coaches, Agents, Physios, Doctors and Scouts. Balance team transfers and club investments to develop both aspects of your club and become truly successful!

In addition to having your own personnel, you can also improve club facilities! This gives you the ability to upgrade things such as the Stadium, Gymnasium, Training paddock, Kicking Enclosure, Physio Suite, Tactical Briefing Room, Colts and Academy Clubhouses.

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Take your game to the next level!
Not only can you lead your team to glory in club competition, but you can also become an international manager. Manage your country and put your skills to the test with some of the very best in the sport – now with added Nations Cup feature!

Discover the superstars of the future

Explore the scouting network in order to monitor the progress of players and sign the very best! Utilise Scouts and Agents to ensure you are able to negotiate the best deals for your club.
With a fully customised editor you also get the ability to customise certain aspects of your experience – should you so wish. With the ability to create your own players, teams, leagues and competitions you can personalise the game as much as you want!


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019