Monday, November 16, 2015

Online comments after Leinster v Wasps

In a new regular feature this season we’ll be sharing some of the initial “keyboard warrior” response to our featured matches of the weekend ahead of our writeup.

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Rugby Opinion

Can anyone remember 3 & a half years ago when we won our third Heineken cup in 4 years?

Conor Murphy

An unhealthy mix of cynicism from wasps and desperate play from Leinster.

Cian Ormond

They need to play Teo at 12 and Ringrose at 13 when Teo is fit again. Our two best attacking players both play the same position. I've defended Heaslip for years(justifiably so) but he is done. SOB to 8,Van der Flier at 7. Healy I'm afraid looks done too. Not a slant on Healy or Heaslip but they are nowhere near the players they were. Heaslip has played too many games and Healy has had too many bad injuries.

Micheal Mac An TSagairt

I brought the baby to the game. She fell asleep. The way Leinster played I'm not overly surprised. There's such potential in that team, none of it was achieved.

Conor Cronin

I better keep my opinion to myself....

Rachael O'Brien

I'm struggling to remember a European performance at home in the last 15 years where we looked do poor and were beaten so badly. Maybe Leicester in 2005 but that was a fine Tigers team

Cormac Mannion

Actually held the ball well for periods, dominated possesion and our younger players played well. Our big players did not, nor did they play with too much imtelligence. Wasps defended really well and we butchered a number of chances through poor passing. It was the classic fault in Irish rugby we undo the good play by one poor pass or kick.

Andrew Potts

Players have to take the blame, there were enough international players on the pitch to put up a decent effort. Form all season has been below par so far. Hope things improve.

Pádraig Turley

I'm lost for words

Chris Mcdonnell

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

Look out later today for our match writeup plus opinion from Ciarán Duffy & Keego. JLP


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019