Monday, October 05, 2015

Online comments after #IREvITA

In a new regular feature this season we’ll be sharing some of the initial “keyboard warrior” response to our featured matches of the weekend ahead of our writeup.

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Rugby Opinion

14 men made it home after the Italians played like Welshmen.

Paul Meade

Christ that was too close for comfort. On a side note, Iain Henderson might just be our best player on form?

Conor Murphy

It's worrying that beyond Sexton and Murray kicking, we really don't have much else. France and the other top nations will be confident after that performance

Sean Ironfrothwolf Dempsey

A timely wake up call. Not necessarily a bad thing either. We need to be much better than that; otherwise it'll be a short one. There's been quite a bit of arrogance over the last while and imo its not a good fit for us. Delighted for Earls. He has his critics but delivered today. Henderson is a beast. O'Mahony? But for him…our team might be packing bags tonight.

James Griffin

We needed to win 5 in a row against the best teams in the world...... 5 in a row is the grand slam..... once in 50 years...... bit of perspective please...

Mark O'Donohoe

A hard match and just what we needed. No sense getting ahead of ourselves given the matches in store. Much improvement required if we are to beat France. Gain line success a real concern and we've returned to the predictability of some warm up matches. Too much kicking by 9 who I didn't think felt comfortable today. Our ball carriers were well read and stopped. Quite a few mistakes and disconnects. Intensity at the breakdown will have to improve significantly against France. Quite simply we must improve a great deal if we are to progress to the semis otherwise it's the ABs and we'll need to play out of our skins to beat them. Anyway, as ever #COYBIG I'm sure Saint Joe will have a trick or two up his sleeve

Richard Mifsud

I'll take the 4 points any day of the week. Not a good performance but no need to be panicking either. In a World Cup quarter final. Onwards and upwards.

Imelda Reidy

Italy were really up for it today you could tell it was do or die for them, surely has to be a wake up call for us now because if we play like that next week it's a another 1/4 bow out for us!  Henderson was our best player surprised to see him taken off. Schimdt needs to the fan this week!

Shane O'Regan

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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