Monday, October 12, 2015

Online comments after #IREvFRA

In a new regular feature this season we’ll be sharing some of the initial “keyboard warrior” response to our featured matches of the weekend ahead of our writeup.

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Rugby Opinion 

And some doubted our strength in depth???

Cian Ormond

Is up there as one of the greatest Irish performances ever. From 1-23 we were immense. We destroyed them all over the park. So very glad I have a ticket for next Sunday. #COYBIG

Imelda Reidy

Sean O'Brien was majestic - talk about stepping up! And to think people wanted him dropped for this game. Iain Henderson again wonderful, but also great to see Ian Madigan step up again & show such emotion after the final whistle. Here's hoping that Sextons's, Paulie's & Peter's injuries aren't as serious as they looked.

Conor Murphy

#Schmidtball? Wasn't quite sure what that meant, until today. PACE ... Precision, Aggression, Control, Effort. Well done to all concerned! Delighted!

James Griffin

And there's times in your life when you are part of something special..... VERY special and you look at a master tactician like "Saint Joe" Schmidt and you think, with YOU as a coach I believe we can do it... I GENUINELY believe we can do this, but regardless of what happens..... I am in the presence of a man that takes individuals and makes them into something extraordinary ..... a man who makes them believe, battle, never EVER quit till the job is done. Today we witnessed such a man and HIS team. #TRUSTJOE

Joe Sheppard

Very impressive Ireland. France did not play badly.

Hywel Davies

This match highlighted a combination of a master tactician and an unbelievable courage and steely determination by our boys. The last time I watched them play a better 40 minutes was the first half against the ABs. Yes this was a close match and the score probably doesn't reflect a lot of that but the performance in that second half was just sublime based on incredible intensity in all facets of the game. If we replicate it next weekend we should get to the semis, but it is critical that we maintain this intensity. Quite simply when we play like this not many people can live with us. That was a great French side today and we swept them away. Seriously proud of our boys but not getting carried away #COYBIG

Richard Mifsud

Epic. Brutal. Exhilarating.

Cormac Mannion

Many thanks to all who offered opinions.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019