Wednesday, October 07, 2015

O’Connell, Sexton and Henshaw talk team and camp life in #AllitTakes video

from Three Ireland…


Slagging, snoring and “Mr. Positive”

Get closer to the conversation and listen in to Irish rugby stars and Three ambassadors, Johnny Sexton, Robbie Henshaw and Paul O’Connell open up in the #AllitTakes series. Paul, Robbie and Johnny talk about what it takes to build team spirit; slagging, the unique nature of camp and Rala, in the second of the three-part #AllitTakes series released by Three, proud sponsor of the Irish rugby team.

As the Irish team faces its biggest match of the tournament to date, the trio reveal the true nature of the Irish rugby team camp and what keeps them positive:

Sexton says there’s not really that many rules or curfews when it comes to camp but “Once you get into Rala’s room, all bets are off – it’s like getting out of camp really”.  All three are full of praise for the man. Captain, Paul O’Connell calls team kitman Rala “the most positive man on the planet”.  According to O’Connell he’s the go to man “if you’re feeling low, you can always get a Dairy Milk or some wine gums”.

In terms of how the team gets on O’Connell explains that they “work hard at getting on well together”, and Sexton describes their unique and tight comradery: “It is ruthless in there…In camp, you get away with saying anything”.  O’Connell agrees adding “All those things (slagging) are normal to us…it’s all part of camp life”.

The camp rookie of the three, Robbie Henshaw, shares his experience with “top notch” roommate Mike Ross.  According to Johnny Sexton, Tommy Bowe is an “unbelievable snorer” and Paul O’Connell confesses to presenting his roommate with two brand new wax earplugs at the start of the week because he might have a “bad night here and there”!

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019