Friday, September 04, 2015

Six points - is it worth a try?


logo post blueIt’s a question that has been bugging me ever since I read up on of the law experimentation going on the the Welsh Premiership this season.

Normally, I’m all for change, not just for the sake of it mind you, but in areas that make sense.  And over the years “change” isn’t exactly a word that echoes favourably the topic in question is that of rugby union.

But my gut reaction to this particular switch, which isn’t the only one being tried but is definitely getting the most headlines, is that it isn’t really necessary.

I mean...maybe I could get on board with the 6 points if perhaps the conversion could be brought down to one, but of course that will never happen, because as much as sports would love to give the impression they are not influenced by each other, if rugby went to a 6-1 split of points that would have us exactly where American Football is.  I’m all for making the game easier for those across the pond to understand, but not necessarily this way.

Clearly the nub of the experiment is that it aims to get into the captain’s head for those borderline penalty decisions, prompting them to go for the corner more often, and they have even shaved a point off of penalties and drop goals as well. 

I do get that and naturally tries are what the game should be about, but here it’s not as simple as that.  Making the decision between putting it in the corner and going for the three a borderline one actually adds to the drama if you ask me.  Plus, having been a prop in my day I can vouch for the fact that fewer placekicks means fewer opportunities to get a breather, deserved or not!!!

But like I say these are just initial thoughts and who am I to stand in the way of what is, let’s face it, a trial.  And it’s being tested in a league with a very good standard...even though the Irish/Welsh rivalry has intensified over the years I doubt you’ll find much argument here that at least in the realm of fan support, their Premiership is way ahead of our AIL.

So we’ll see how it goes...there’s a whole lotta rugby for us to watch this season but if I can somehow find the time to tack on a sneaky 80 extra minutes to watch Pontypridd play Llanelli somewhere along the line I’ll check it out and maybe revise my opinion.

Where have you landed on this one?  JLP


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019