Tuesday, September 01, 2015

HoR Fantasy Rugger Competition

NOTE - this competition does NOT follow our regular "unriggable raffle" format...please read the post carefully

The ruggersphere is bound to be awash with fantasy leagues for the upcoming RWC, but the boys at FantasyRugger.com reckon they’ve got one with a difference and here at HoR Manor we’re happy to give it a try, plus we've prizes for the winner of our league come the end of the World Cup.

Welcome to Fantasy Rugger – the statistical approach to rugby.
For the World Cup, you will need to pick a team of 25 guys that you think you can manage through the Group Stages. You have a budget of £1.25 million to do this so make sure you use it wisely.

Nowadays top rugby coaches go on much more than gut instinct to put together their matchday squads...using also reams of data churned out by GPS units and laptops to make sure all the bases are covered.

So not only have Fantasy Rugger been able to access this info to come up with the data for their game, it also means a much wider array of categories in which your players can score points....

Won On Opposition2
Lineout Won2
Defenders Beaten1
Lineout Stolen1
Tackles Made0.5
Scrum Won on Own Feed0.5
Ruck won0.33
Successful Kick0.33
Successful Lineout Throw0.2
Tackles Missed-0.5
Penalties Conceded-1
Scrum Lost on Own Feed-1
Missed Kick-1
Missed Lineout Throw-1
Handling errors-1
Yellow Cards-3
Red Cards-5

We've decided to set up our own league which will run throughout the tournament, and you won't believe what the prize is!

Now brace yourselves folks...whoever picks the team in our league that gets the most points during RWC2015 will win themselves....


...how's that, eh? Pretty darn impressive I'd say.  In fact...what you see above isn't even the real mug! That's the one I'm having my coffee out of as I write this post. The one YOU'LL win will not only contain the HoR logo but also adorn the caption "HarpinOnRugby Memorial Mug Champion 2015"!!!

Try not to break the internet by all rushing over to enter at once folks, there's plenty of room in the comp for everyone!

Oh...by the way...the winner will also win themselves two tickets to watch Leinster play the Scarlets in the Pro12 on November 6 courtesy of FantasyRugger.com, but of course we all know you really want the mug.

So here's the link to sign up to the game...

...head there first and set up your team if you haven't already, then search for this league & join...

"HarpinOnRugby.net Memorial Mug 2015"

We've put in our own team to the comp but don't worry, of course we can't win the prize!!!  If we do finish first we'll do nothing more than gloat about if for months and the prize will go to second place...if we finish any lower than first we'll be sure to let you all know we were going easy on you all to make sure somebody else won ;-)

So that's about it, save for a couple of little terms and conditions and what-not in very small print at the bottom of the page.

Joe has picked his squad...get out there and pick yours and best of luck!!! JLP

T's and C's

The winner of the competition will be the player in the league designated as the "HarpinOnRugby.net Memorial Mug 2015" with the most points.

While the competition is open to everyone, we would ask that if you win and find yourself unable to use the match tickets you make them available for the competition runner-up [not so much a term or condition more a polite request!]

Contestants found to be misusing any aspect of the game [particularly the comments facility] run the risk of expulsion from the game.  Keep it clean folks!

All decisions of the organising committee [comprising HarpinOnRugby and FantasyRugger] will be final.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019