Sunday, August 16, 2015

Online comments after #IRLvSCO

In a new regular feature this season we’ll be sharing some of the initial “keyboard warrior” response to our featured match of the weekend ahead of our Monday writeup.

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Rugby Opinion

I have the same concern today as I did after the Welsh game (and Yes know it's only 2nd XV warm ups etc!!)..... but we are slow from a defensive perspective at the counter attacks and too many missed tackles. We won't get away with that against S. Hemisphere sides. In attack, let's try a few quick tap n go and deffo cross kicks to wingers. We have the capability and I'd hope to see more of it against Wales when we put our a near-test side . Other than that it was hard to pick a MOTM.....but it wasn't Zebo from my perspective way up in Block 504 Row DD 1 lol.........

Joe Sheppard

Scotland were a lot better organized than Wales last week but the missed tackles... Sheesh!

Alison Moore

Madigan & Tullow were fantastic, Kilcoyne carried well, Zebo was very good. Aside from that it was a poor showing from the rest. Missed tackle count was way too high. Mike Ross was very poor. Lastly, could someone please explain how Isaac Boss keeps getting game time?

Conor Murphy

Well; Joe's squad selection decisions have become easier #lookingforpositives

Daragh Faughnan

Dont think Zebo played that well at all, let alone MOTM. Darce didnt do enough either. Good debut from Conan. SOB and Johnny...!!! Madigan played well too

Shane Jenkinson

(several replies to this one…check out the thread)

Too many missed tackles A few players have played themselves off the plane

Thomondpark Mahon

Zebo did well,but him and Fitzgerald weren't on the same page at all. Fitz looks rusty. Touhy and Darcy looked poor I thought, and Boss was his usual self, dunno what he offers. He loves his box kicks which give away possession, he is often trying to rush his pass at the ruck and has a habit of knocking it on while trying to pick it up. Then when he does pass it takes him a few vital seconds to make up his mind.

Micheal Mac An TSagairt

Poor DArcy

Declan Farrelly

Bit of a reality check after the Wales display and all the hype. All the same a wins a win

SOB motm for me. Thought kilcoyne played well and Henry had a steady game. Madigan good offensively but poor defence. Hard to judge much past this and its early days but think more players played their way out of the final squad than into it

Craig Boyd

SO'B was good as an individual player. As captain it's not enough to lead from the front, you have to marshal your forces too. Paulie did that as soon as he came on. Payne was the best back defensively. Darce and Boss underwhelmed. Tuohy ditto. Mads rewarded Joe's faith in him. Delighted bout that. Dave Kearney proved all the reports about his form in training weren't just talk. Upwards and onwards.

Riocard Ó Tiarnaigh

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