Sunday, July 26, 2015

Reaction of HoR readers to reports of Leo Cullen being offered Leinster post

Sunday evening we posted a link to an article on the Irish Independent website on reports suggesting Leo Cullen is to be offered the Leinster head coach job on a permanent basis, here are some of the responses we received.

We will be offering our own opinion later in the week, and should more comments be added to the threads we will tack them on to this post.

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If it's true, then that is one of the shortest apprenticeships served to become a head coach. Is Leo a master tactician of the game ! Only time will tell.

Gerald Williamson

Best of luck to Leo the whole of the Leinster Family is behind Leo and his back room staff Bring It On

Odran O’Brien

Like just feels very soon for him to be taking on the reins! Wish him all the best

Eimear Kelly

Not a good decision if true imo.

Steven Young

Seems like the cheap option don't you think? Not a lot of top coaches out there though who are available

John Thomson

The Munster team management philosophy is coming into Leinster...God help us. Are the IRFU short of money or something? What you reckon Bryan?

Eddie Murphy

Best of luck to Leo and the crew.

Brian Monahan

Nuts if true, who knows what candidates will be available post RWC

Jarrod Bromley

2-3 year contract?! Bonkers.

Shane O’Leary

Oh dear god no

Why are we doing this, had the last two season of total regression not shown the need for a real coach? The man has just one season as a forwards coach and shown very little in the year to suggest he should have even kept his job as forwards coach.

If Leo is as much of a Leinster man as suggested then he should say no to this job. He's not ready, has not got the experience and is way out of his depth.

If he's as blue as some say then he'd do what's best for the club.

Chris McDonnell

Leo will do a great job. -just wait

Johnny McGovern

God I wish him well but I wouldn't fancy taking the job this year, he will be missing so much squad with World Cup n 6 nations this season !!!

Shane Smith



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