Saturday, July 25, 2015

Introducing the “8-0-review”

Here at HoR Manor we’ll be happy to take the pith out of you.

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logo post blueEvery Monday here at HarpinOnRugby we produce an essay-length writeup for what we feel was the most significant rugby match of the weekend just gone…obviously during the Euro rugby season we’d focus on either Leinster or Ireland but in recent weeks we have turned the spotlight in other directions.

In an ideal world we’d love to have the time to harp on a lot more matches in the same fashion but unless we win the Lotto that just isn’t going to happen. 

So ahead of RWC2015 we have devised a format to fill the gap, and we call it the “Eight-Oh-Review”.  And what’s more we’d like you to have a go at it as well.

We’ll be using this format quite a bit in the months to come and we’re hoping it will help us cover all 48 matches at the Rugby World Cup.

But we are always looking for guest posts and if you were looking to give rugby writing a shot yet are worried it would be too time consuming this could be a way to dip your toe in.

In this age of fast-paced social media, you need to be able to condense your opinions quickly and we feel this is a good way to practise.

Here a bit more detail on what you need to do…

  • Choose the match you’d like to cover (World Cup final or J3rds friendly or anything in between…it really doesn’t matter)
  • Send us an email ahead of kickoff with your intention to do an 8-0-review
  • Once the full-time whistle blows, pen your writeup - it must be exactly 80 words; no more, no less (we usually go by the Google Docs version of word count)
  • Pop it over to us (with a brief bio introducing yourself if you haven’t sent us one already) and we’ll have it on the site in no time!

Ideally we’d like to have the writeups published as soon after full time as possible to maximise their effectiveness but this isn’t quite a deal breaker - take your time to get it the way you want.

Click here for a sample of 8-0-reviews we have done in recent weeks, and we’re hoping to add one for the big Springboks v All Blacks clash this evening.

So there you have it - yet another feature to add to the HoR stable; we hope you’ll be able to help us with it!  JLP


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019