Sunday, May 24, 2015

That Poite decision

I will do a full writeup for Gloucester v Connacht tomorrow when I have calmed down a bit and I probably shouldn't post at all right now but having been out with family all afternoon and avoided the score then watched it in full this evening, I am positively fuming that the brave men of the west were yet again cruelly denied a fully deserved away victory by a ludicrous call by Romain Poite.

Normally I hate moaning about a decision and rugby matches should really never come to this but if this isn't an exceptional circumstance then I don't know what is, particularly as when the roles were reversed at another breakdown in extra time, the call went against Connacht yet again.

My attempt to Vine a replay of the incident was made more difficult by my rage and I was all fingers and thumbs but thankfully Andy McGeady had the composure to get the job done and a major hat-tip to him.

And I could certainly do no better with a caption than he :
"On planet Romain Poite, this was a penalty to Gloucester. Bizarre doesn't cover it."
Hopefully I will be able to provide more composed thoughts tomorrow.  JLP

PS - if someone can make a decent case for this being a penalty to the home side, please do so by way of a comment.  I promise to keep an open mind ;-)



Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019