Friday, December 26, 2014

It's called an offload guys!!!

Hope the morning after is treating you well, and that you're ready to celebrate the day St. Stephen took up boxing.  (According to legend he had a mean right hook)

We'll return to normal with our "Front Five" slot tomorrow morning, but of course with the big match down in Thomond today we can't afford to rest so to fill in the morning hours here's an interesting clip from a college football game in the USA where rugby saved the day...well, almost.

Central Michigan were down by 35 points with 12 minutes remaining against Western Kentucky in the "Bahamas Bowl" (one of about a gagillion bowl games for which it seems every college team qualifies) and having narrowed that to just 7 in the final play of "regulation" time they went for the "Hail Mary" pass play.

The pass was complete, but what has the American fans going wild is that rather than running until tackled like girdiron players are trained to do, they embark on a series of what they call "lateral" passes.

Hang run until you're tackled and then you turn and pass it on to a player behind you??? What kind of sorcery is this???  If only there was another sport in which that was commonplace - imagine what a spectacle that would be?

Though having said that, maybe Leinster could do with watching the clip as a refresher course given offloading isn't exactly a top priority these days!

Sadly for Central Michigan, they went for the two-point conversion and failed which meant the comeback wasn't quite complete...they could have gone for the easy one-point kick in front of the posts but given they were playing a team from Kentucky you have to respect them for not chickening out.  Ahem.

Back with our Munster v Leinster preview around lunchtime.  JLP


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019