Saturday, December 27, 2014

A sample of post-Munster v Leinster online reaction

Normally we schedule a post on the HarpinOnRugby Facebook page for around full-time in a Leinster/Ireland match for fans to leave their comments.

Since yesterday's thrashing in Thomond was such a low point we thought we'd put together a selection of the opinion in a post here on the main site to give a representation of the general feeling.   

What you see below does not necessarily represent the opinion of HarpinOnRugby - we will offer our own take in our match writeup on Monday as per usual. 

Many thanks to all who have contributed throughout 2014 by way for tweets, favourites, RTs, comments, shares and any other social media methods I may have missed.  JLP

PS - the selection is listed in no particular order

Flat passes, miss Jamie's leadership, Munster outplayed us and one attribute Leinster didn't have Passion . Hurts to say well done CJ and Munster.

Nollaig O'Cuidighthigh


Shockingly bad performance by passion, forwards were shite....I love Leinster & will support them week in and week out, but very disheartening and hard to watch.  #COYBIB

Audrey Hevey


Don't see how O'Connor can dodge too much. Tactically we played simplistically. O'Connor appears to believe that a simple game will win. It will, with absolute perfection. So no plan B, and the blame for any loss us down to the players not executing. It's as if he doesn't believe good tactics are worthwhile.

Brian Connell (Google+)


No doubt MOC will drop Conan for daring an offload - for Jennos try. Clueless, no plan B, take the ball into contact ad nausea and go nowhere. O'Con nor is a liability but what Cullen, hero for us a player butmade forwards coach without any iota of coaching experience. Jobs for the boys It seems.

Brendan McGrath


My heart is officially broken  Talking about getting rid of MO'C now is futile. Earliest he can go is end of season and who would replace him? Unfortunately we need to make the most of what we have and the beatings that are to come.

Lornagh Coyle


Some positives  - The front row all done ok, another game for both Strauss and furlong not a bad thing. Luke, Shane, jordi and Dave K all got another game under the belts. Luke McGrath is the best 9 we have and Conan also got another run.  Madigan and Luke looked good too.  Too many negatives to mention but in reality without a coach what do you expect.

Chris McDonnell


I hope that result will put an end to the 'spoilt Leinster fans' line and people will accept that the fans are entitled to be annoyed.

@WhiffOfCordite (Twitter)


It's not that head coach MOC is the problem. It's the whole Leinster coaching ticket is the problem. They are devoid of ideas the way Leinster play. The players play to the instructions they are given, so it's not really their fault in the results.

Gerald Williamson


MOC to stay!

John Greene (Munster fan)


Not good enough. Again and again I've said it. One poxy try against a weak and tired defence doesn't change the fact that our attack offers NOTHING. It is embarrassing at this point. No patterns, no intelligence, no penetration and the same game-plan of stupid, constant, unambitious kicking and one-runners off 9 and 10. In other words, shite rugby. 

I reject the notion held by some of the snobbish fans at this club that the people calling for this stubborn, league convert of a coach to leave this club are somehow inferior for having this opinion; that these are the 'converted Lunsters', or the football fans that hopped on the bandwagon. Well, I was born in 1996, I've been attending Leinster games since 2000, I've grown up with, and obsessed over this club. This is my 12th consecutive season as a season ticket holder, and I now have gotten to the point where I know quite a bit about this game we all love. 

What we have to ask ourselves, when we are forced to endure week after week of pure, unadulterated torture, is why we started supporting this team. What was it about Leinster that made us swoon in admiration? Because we weren't always the best in Europe, raking in the trophies. What we always had, though, was this wonderful tradition of running rugby. The team always went for it. If there was a chance to go, we went, if there was a 50/50 ball to be thrown, we threw it. And yes, at times, it was taxing (defeats against Border Rievers in 2007 and Edinburgh in 2008 in particular spring to mind).

However, what I have never seen before MOC came in, was this ultra-conservative, pathetic style of rugby, where our attack has become this stagnant, kicking dominated rubbish. I mean, what kind of world is it when we have been outplayed out wide by Munster and just about every English team we have come across in the last year and a half? It's embarrassing, and it goes against everything that Leinster stands for. 

Now I love this club and I'm going to stand by with the boys through thick and thin, but other fans will not be as forgiving. Mick Dawson, it's time to do the only thing that it makes sense for you to do at this point, and cut this league coach loose before he does any more damage to our club, or you will lose even more fans. 

Darragh Faughnan




Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019