Saturday, November 29, 2014

uScore by @UltimateRugby

Ultimate Rugby launch a revolutionary new feature on their app called uScore. uScore is will bring unrivaled coverage to the amateur game that has never been available before. This new feature is set to bring a whole new dimension to the Smartphone App.

Check out Brian O’Driscoll introducing uScore:

Web entrepreneur Ray Nolan & Irish Rugby legend Brian O’Driscoll have taken the next step in the development of the Ultimate Rugby app.

uScore update of Ultimate Rugby available from the 27th of November on iOS. Coming soon to Android.

uScore for the amateur club & school team.

uScore allows Ultimate Rugby users to live score any game, anywhere, at any time, by anyone.

Create, share, score & follow games with uScore for your local team.

Users can create matches with every detail needed including the teams, level played at, location, kick off time, tournament and whether it a men’s or women’s game.

All the features available on the Ultimate Rugby app for professional games are now free to use for clubs, schools & supporters.

This will allow supporters to keep up to date with every single minute in a game which they follow. Never miss a score, carding or substitution involving your preferred team with uScore.

This is the first time a service like uScore will be so easily accessible for Rugby fans.

Fans can get in on the debate in every game with the option add live commentary and discuss every event minute by minute in the game.

The unique sharing features on uScore allow users to add team lineups from their contacts & facebook friends.

Users can then share full team sheet images to Facebook or Twitter straight from uScore.

• uScore on the Ultimate Rugby is now available from iTunes at 

This unique feature on the Ultimate Rugby app which change the coverage of amateur rugby as we know it. This creates a new medium to keep supporters up to date of the latest results for their local team.

The uScore community

There are two sides the new uScore community. One can either create or follow games. uScore’s integration with Twitter & Facebook makes sharing match information even easier than before for clubs with their supporters.

uScore is unique in its own right as this has never been available to rugby for free direct to anyone’s phone and is sure to take the rugby community by storm.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019