Thursday, October 16, 2014

J'Accuse, le trial de Matt O'Connor

J'Accuse, le trial de Matt O'Connor as Thorinho might write if he wasnt on about le top quatorze!

By Brendan Grehan

THERE were furious scenes yesterday in Harpin' on Rugby Manor when I was summonsed upstairs to the little room by Mr Big 'Dutch' Pagano, the boss, el jefe, el albondiga grande. I knew it wasnt looking good when I saw the single light bulb glaring at me.

Then the verbal tirade began: 

"What are you trying to do to me. I take you back to write a piece for my new blog empire, it's bigger than all the other rugby blogs. We've got control of the north side, the south side, those Italian boys down in Barrow street are on the run and you do this. You write a piece in praise of Matt O'Connor and you only mention him in 100 words.  You talk about 'Slimer' and 'McIvor' and bloody Trinity again and you didnt even mention Blackrock! What is it about Trinity can you not grow up, I pay you good money, provide you with a car and all the branded sportswear you want. Now get out of here. The next time you pen a blog for me you stick to the topic or you will be swimming in the Dargle wearing concrete shoes"

Leaving the imposing edifice of HoR Manor (They say he got an interest-free loan from you know who to build it). I trudged back to my lodgings and used the downstairs telephone to ring my rugby mentor, The Earl of Kinners, DSO, MC, QFA, Order of Mount Temple.

He wasted no time putting me on track, "I doubt anybody knows who Slimer was or McIvor, could you not stick to the topic." 

So here goes.

In my humble opinion, Matt O'Connor should be let see the season out and then the powers that be will take it from there. I do have some involvement in the modern game and I do know about some of what I am talking about. 

Yes, O'Connor has not had a good run. That I accept but it would be a step too far to sack a coach effectively mid-season and it would mark a rubicon for Irish Rugby as it has never happened before in the professional game in Ireland. 

Yes, coaches have announced their departure but they were not sacked. By the way, I have no problem with criticism. I work as journalist and am used to it. Writing a blog for me is a recreational activity. I earn no money for it (but you never know) and I don't take myself too seriously.

Back to Matt, I don't think some Leinster fans understand how competitive professional rugby is now. At European level, the margins between success and a verbal dust-up from Franno are tiny. You are either a king or a knave, but never both.

I missed the Leinster v Munster game as I was away supporting my club but talking to fans afterwards, we all agreed that a kick up the rear end was what Leinster needed. Leinster have some big units in their line up now with Ben Teo coming from the Rabbitohs and Kane Douglas from the Waratahs getting a good run.

I try to stay positive. You support the team, the whole team or don't bother supporting them.

Here's to a win on Sunday evening.

Brendan Grehan is a journalist

Twitter: @brendanxavier

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019