Monday, September 01, 2014

Scarlets may field composite club team in British & Irish Cup

Leinster A celebrate their triumph last May

We'll be back to "normal" service tomorrow morning, but I thought I'd share this little nugget of info I learned tonight as I trawled through the Welsh press to see who Leinster "A" might be playing in our British & Irish Cup pool.

Yeah, I'm that nerdy,  Sue me ;-)

Anyway...supposedly the way the Welsh system worked was that the four regions held playoffs to decide which clubs from their neck of the woods would represent them in the competition.  Leinster "A" were drawn into pool 5 along with RFU Championship sides Jersey & Plymouth Albion, and the final spot was to be one of the Welsh qualifiers, number "3" to be precise.

This turns out to be the Scarlets region and last weekend, Llandovery beat Llanelli RFC 28-15 and now have the right to play Carmarthen Quins next Saturday.  Apparently the whole point of these matches was for the eventual winner to join Pool 5 of the B and I Cup.

However, this report in WalesOnline of Llandovery's win seems to suggest something different : shadow over proceedings is the possibility that whatever the result on Saturday the Scarlets will take over the responsibility of selecting a composite side that will represent the West Wales region in the Cup. 
I know it's "only" the B&I Cup but it would be an interesting spot of goalpost-changing by the Welsh region.  Still though, it would probably lead to a much closer contest at Donnybrook when the team comes over!  [note - we can take for granted the away match in Wales will be tough because they always are at this level!]

Anywho...just thought I'd post this info for anyone who was interested.  Back with some season previewing later in the week.  JLP

PS : Leinster A begin their quest for a 3rd title in a row on October 11 when they travel to Plymouth.  This season the pool matches don't always correspond to Rugby Champions Cup weekends, which is one of the reasons why the Scottish clubs aren't involved in the B&I Cup this time around.

UPDATE SATURDAY SEP 6 - Carmarthen Quins beat Llandovery 37-13 in the playoff and will play in the B&I Cup unless Scarlets go for the option outlined above.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019