Thursday, September 04, 2014

Leinster Rugby Singing Section

There have been numerous attempts to get the RDS crowd cheering on Leinster in unison over the years, anything to add to the original staple diet of "Lehhhhhhhn-ster! Lehhhhhhhn-ster!" which let's face it couldn't hold a matchstick to SUFTUM let alone a candle.

But save for the odd rousing rendition of "Come On You Boys In Blue" before a crucial lineout or that one time with "ONE MORE YEAR!", the efforts have rarely had much impact.  Remember Leinster's Glory?  Thought not.  Sorry, Luka!

Hoping to address this need are the organisers of the Leinster Rugby Singing Section, and by the looks of things they are taking a gradual, sensible approach.  

We're happy to give them our support here at HoR and hopefully you'll do the same.  What you see below are excerpts from their page but please head over and "Like" them to stay up-to-date.  JLP

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Hello everyone,

As we've mentioned before, the Leinster Singing Section project started at the end of last season and generated lots of positive support. It will continue in the North Stand in the 2014/15 season with the aim of developing and growing.

For starters, we'll be there at at least half the home games in the RDS. People are extremely welcome to get involved and the first few games that we'll be at are:

SEPT 26th - FRI 19:35 - PRO12: Leinster vs Cardiff
OCT 31st - FRI 19:35 - PRO12: Leinster vs Edinburgh
NOV 29th - SAT 17:15 - PRO12: Leinster vs Ospreys

More details to follow as these games approach, but for now we look forward to meeting you all!

#COYBIB #LeinsterArmy

Question from commenter : Why not all the games?

Answer from LRSS : Regarding going to every game - basically, the LRSS is a work in progress, and a project that is only just beginning in earnest. With the numbers of people we currently have involved and committed we know that we can make it to half the home games in decent numbers. 

The long term aim of the section is to offer Leinster fans around the ground who want to sing and support the team with that kind of enthusiasm 

- a specific place in the RDS where they know they can go to group together and support the team enthusiastically
- a section that will join in on songs/chants from all the other areas of the ground

We really don't want to say we'll be at a game and then not have many of us there or not live up to expectations. We'd rather add to the few outings we had last season and grow steadily rather than over-commit.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019