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(Happy birthday) Front Five - 30.07.14

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“The players have funded themselves to play for the national team, they have had to fund-raise to do tours and pre-world cup trips – it’s crazy that an international athlete is paying to play”

Cash flow a major worry for US Eagles (women), but no shortage of ambition and determination

Damien Cullen - Irish Times

Speaking in Paris, International Rugby Board CEO Brett Gosper said the tournament will be a great boost for the Game. "We know that women's Rugby is gaining popularity. It’s grown two or three times since the last World Cup four years ago.”

World Cup launched officially in Paris

Alison Donnelly - Scrumqueens

“I certainly do think about retirement, but I haven’t made any hard and fast decisions, it’s all about how my body feels, and it definitely feels quite good at the moment.”
Off The Ball

“The Crusaders are the only team to have won a Super Rugby grand final outside their home country when they defeated the Brumbies 20-19 in Canberra in 2000.” 
Hugh Adams - Green & Gold Rugby

“Hopefully he won't slate me anyway”

We miss BOD, but he better not slag us off in TV role, says Fergus

Caroline Crawford - Evening Herald

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