Friday, May 16, 2014

Heineken “The Blag”

Brent Pope puts Dubliners to the test in hilarious new Heineken Cup video


Brent Pope challenges the unsuspecting public to blag it as an international rugby expert for the Heineken Cup

Heineken, in its latest video, The Blag, puts unsuspecting people to the test, with the help of popular rugby pundit Brent Pope.

Set on a busy Dublin street, Brent Pope challenges people to blag their way through a ‘live’ television interview by pretending to be an international rugby expert.

The video, created as part of Heineken’s GET IN THE GAME campaign for the Heineken Cup, shows just how far people will go to think on their feet when put to the test in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Assured that all they have to do is ‘stand there’ while Brent Pope does the rest, the unsuspecting ‘experts’ are suddenly faced with a series of questions in front of what they think is a live global television audience.

Last month Heineken launched ‘Heineken Deeper,’ a game which also challenges rugby fans to think on their feet when searching for team references hidden within the hugely successful Heineken Cup television advert, The Kick.

To play ‘Heineken Deeper’ download the GET IN THE GAME app from the App Store or Google Play.More information at:


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019