Thursday, April 24, 2014

Heineken launches ‘Heineken Deeper’

Heineken Deeper, the new interactive Heineken Cup game that offers exclusive prizes for rugby fans with an eye for detail

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HeinoGetInTheGameHeineken has been keeping a secret for over a year. Hidden within the hugely successful Heineken Cup TV advert, The Kick, which follows a rugby ball around the streets of a southern French town, are a number of references to Heineken Cup teams. Now, if fans find them, they can win exclusive prizes - including a trip to the 2014 Heineken Cup final in Cardiff!

To help people discover the hidden references, Heineken has created a brand new interactive game called ‘Heineken Deeper’. Fans can play ‘Heineken Deeper’ by downloading the GET IN THE GAME app from the iTune App Store or Google Play. Alternatively fans can Shazam the popular music accompanying the TV ad when watching the advert online or on television.

When creating ‘The Kick’ TV advert, launched in 2013, Heineken included deeper Heineken Cup team references that now, one year on, are surfacing as the central component for this innovative new game. For over a year, Heineken has been sitting on this secret…even the most eagle-eyed fans won’t have spotted all hidden references first-time around. Knowing your Munsters from your Clermonts is one thing - trying to spot if they’re hidden within the advert is quite another!

Karl Donnelly, Senior Sponsorship Manager, Heineken, said; “When creating our TV ad, we wanted to include intrigue which could live across two seasons of the Heineken Cup. Heineken rugby fans are interested in technology and gaming and this simple but slick game encourages fans to look deeper and have some fun discovering another layer to the Heineken Cup. We love rewarding fans in this way, helping to bring the competition to life in unexpected and challenging ways.”

The GET IN THE GAME app can be downloaded via the iTunes App Store or Google Play. To find out more, visit:

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019