Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Open Letter to Mike Phillips

This was posted by @Poupimali today in French, I have done my best to translate the gist of it…

Original text here

Rugby Opinion

William Michael, we need to talk.

How can a player as brilliant and as talented as you be such an asshole?

How old are you - 20 or less? You're not an English player throwing dwarves in a New Zealand bar during the biggest competition in the world rugby, are you?

You're in the Basque Country since 2011.  As you well know, it is a beautiful place for rugby. And you're in luck, because for Bayonne, rugby is more than a sport, it is a philosophy. We always forgive one who made ​​amends.

You're known as the white wolf and  persona non grata in some bars and restaurants in  Bayonne.  We were all convinced that after your 10-day suspension in September 2012 (following a victory too against Stade Toulousain), you had learned your lesson.

Well, no.

But you know what? I believe that the greatest tragedy of this story is that you're sick. You have a serious problem with alcohol.

In France, it is even recognized as a disease. You're an alcoholic. If you're not able to come to work without being drunk then you need help.

Friday, October 11, after the victory over Grenoble in the Amlin (37-6), you arrived at a video session with two friends / coworkers (Dwayne Haare and Stephen Brett) in a state of intoxication after a sleepless night. You really have no excuse.

In 2011, you got excluded from the national team because you were so drunk and angry in McDonalds a security guard had to sit on you to calm down . This is not new.

Either you're an idiot or you have a problem.

Since you learned your dismissal for serious misconduct in the newspaper, we can conclude that the communication department of your former future president can not do its job properly.  

But make no mistake - as all persons suffering from addiction, you're in denial. Whether it’s etting drunk at work when you win a championship or when the situation is complicated, the conclusion is the same : a drinking problem.

Seeing your recurring antics, it seems that nobody else has tried to accept your illness. It was probably considered that you were a "party animal."

As is customary in France, "drink a little bit, it's nice!" Alcoholism is a disease that probably has the most victims because drinking too much is socially acceptable.

Your club through these leaders are also at fault for not helping you to become aware of your problem, because you think boozing is probably very funny, but when you have too strong a taste for the parties, it probably means you’re an alcoholic.

Others before you have accepted their problem and are treated as if they were helped a bit mothered by their club or federation.

International three-quarter Australian Kurtley Beale, 24, was suspended by his club Melbourne Rebels for hitting teammates, and for continuing to drink alcohol despite its commitments. He pledged to seek treatment in a private clinic. The Australian Federation (ARU) will be positioned on the future depending on the success of the treatment.

Zac Guildford, All Blacks winger and Crusaders, had to give up the 2013 season to undergo treatment for removing alcohol / drug treatment.

Today, you lose your job in completely stupid and extremely mismanaged by your club circumstances. You lose your dignity and probably the respect of many. You would follow the same path as Gavin Henson?

Seriously Mike, you need help. Make yourself heal. And you know, I do not even talk to your career, but also for your health. Dying of liver disease is something you surely don’t want.

@Poupimali - Passionnée de balle ovale. Community manager d'un Stade. Adore l'insolite et les post-it. Ne voyage jamais tranquillement. J'adore ce que vous faites.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019