Thursday, October 10, 2013

Keego on…Defeats and Demons

Bragging rights were lost in Limerick, can some be won back in Swansea? asks Keego…

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And here we go...

I have only just come back out of the bat cave after Saturdays loss. It hurts worse than when I got kicked in the party area that time. I was so sure that Leinster would finish on top that I talked a lot of smack to Munster and its people. Ugly as they are, they have the bragging rights now unfortunately.

Leinster where shorn of leaders and didn’t look at the races. There where only a few players stepping up and being counted. Munster on the other hand were not in any way adventurous but they where fierce. Not fierce like beyonce, fierce like rugby is meant to be. Anytime the ball was in the air or on the deck they where all over it like Nidge on a cash-in transit van. Usually Leinster are demons in the tackle and at the breakdown, but nothing got going. It made for a fairly bad match to watch.

Neither team struck fear into the hearts of the teams in Europe. Neither team looked to be at full speed yet which is also a worry. Last year Leinster had a very slow start and ended strongly, is it the same for this year? We still have to replicate the opening 30 minutes that where produced against the Ospreys in the D4tress earlier this season.

No excuses, the better team won. But as the joker said ‘whoever laughs last, laughs loudest’ the season is far from over.

Now on to this weekend. The Heineken Cup kicks off. For Leinster it is a trip to that bustling metropolis that is ……..Wales! Not evolutions favourite place to go, but the Ospreys (I HATE the Ospreys) are having yo-yo results. Up and down. They looked very solid against Leinster in the second half in the RDS; they clawed a draw there and had been playing well. They lost at home to Ulster which is a worry for me. Always beware the wounded animal.

Leinster on the other hand, looked unsure. The big game leaders won’t make the trip. Cullen and the Drico are still recovering. Which means Macken steps in (he should have started last week) to the 13 berth. A better fit that Tuqiri. Although if he had scored that try last weekend, the previous sentence would be very different.

Madigan did not have a good game last weekend. This worries me. The blind blue brigade want him played week in week out. I would start Jimmy G this weekend. While Madigan is more likely for flashes of genius, Jimmy G has been steadier this season. Boss to start too. Nothing against Redzer and his bionic leg, he was one of the good players last weekend. We just need the big lads on the pitch from the start.

Leinster need to get the set piece right, get their hands on the ball and go from there. Nothing worked last weekend. It is time to exorcise some demons away to the Ospreys.

I won’t make a predication because I think it was that reason that cost us the game last week.

In closing, if you where one of the people complaining about the Leinster ticket deals that are going on this week then shame on you! The club are trying to do something nice for the supporters and you accuse them of a scam. Just because you didn’t get a ticket! You where not entitled to anything, it was luck of the draw. Grow up!

And to the rest of us, who understood what was happening, better luck to us next time.

As usual, if you want to debate/abuse / defend yourself from me calling you a cry-baby, then I welcome it to @nkeegan or

Hopefully this time next week, I have calmed down and we have a victory under our belts.

Until next week…

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019