Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keego on…Battering & Bettering

It was a superb Heineken Cup opener from Leinster; hopefully there’s more to come, writes Keego…

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And here we go…

Jaysus my poor heart can’t take the ups and downs the season has thrown at me so far. I was down in the doldrums and contemplating watching the great British bake off after the loss to Munster (it got THAT bad). Knowing that we where up against the Ospreys (I HATE the Ospreys) I thought it would be an early season double whammy of doom and gloom.

I did think the selection was better from Coach Matt, but we needed leadership and some Jaysus aggression on the pitch which was missing in Thomond Park the week before.

And we fekin got it! To a man the Leinster team battered the Ospreys. Battered them to the point where they didn’t want the ball. Battered them to such an extent that it will affect them psychologically, emotionally and just in general. Whilst it wasn’t a perfect game, it is the level that Leinster should be playing at week in and week out. It started off with Mike Ross having to leave the pitch and being replaced with unproven prospect martin Moore. He has been good in the time he has played this season, but he was on for most of the game against 3 lions that being Jones, Jones and Hibbard (sounds like a posh estate agent doesn’t it). Not only did Moore survive, he thrived. He was not intimidated and had his opposing number checking the back studs of his boots for grip. It was great to see. He was tackling like a demon all over the pitch. The next issue is what will his nickname be? May I humbly suggest ‘GIMME MO’ Martin Moore!

The future for front rows in blue and green is so bright I am going to have to wear shades.

Sean O’Brien had been playing street fighter because some of the hand offs where ryu-esque. (TANGENT) I am reading that Fintan Drury is causing hassle regarding contracts again. Saying that the IRFU have not been in touch with O’Brien, the union are saying that there has been ongoing dialogue since June. Whilst the IRFU might want to cut costs, they do so at a bigger price. They lose control of their players. Sexton the great (I still love you Johnny) will have played 32 games before the 6 nations kicks off. That is far too many, especially as he gets older. Because we might be losing players to the € in France we also lose control of them. If the IRFU are in debt then they need to know that in time it will be cleared. We fill the stadia in this country and will do so while we believe the players are playing the right style of rugby AND are having their well being taken care of. The more battered they get in France, the less they can give to the green jersey. The union need to respect the players and pay what they are worth. The salary cap is what our top players should be paid; if they can’t afford it then they made an error and should either change it or find more sponsors.

Anyway, I forgot where I was so I’ll just move on.

This week we welcome Castres to the D4tress. They had a great win against Northampton last weekend and will come to Dublin with their fancy French tails up. Whilst they are on a high, they will come down from it very quickly if Leinster get close to the performance from last weekend. Too strong all around the field .

I will not make a prediction again, because I didn’t last week. I will be wearing the same underwear (slightly washed) to see if they are lucky.

Maybe it is the Guinness that is lucky…how do I explain that to the wife?

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Until next week…

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