Sunday, October 06, 2013

Becoming a Lion competition

Becoming A Lion final grid

Final score Ospreys 9 Leinster 19

Winning square O 9 L 9

Competition winner = Helen O'Shea 

The match which will provide the winning square on the grid is the Heineken Cup fixture between Ospreys and Leinster on Saturday, October 12, kickoff 6pm.  Take the last digit on each team’s score to find the winning square. 
The following extra rules are unfortunate but necessary.
  • the competition winner will ONLY be contacted via the social media account they used to qualify
  • only one entry per separate social media account is allowed each day, but it’s ok to enter once on each of the four days
  • each window closes 3 hours after posting – if all the spots are not taken, the extra ones will be allocated in a manner to be determined by the competition organisers.
  • when you are asked to leave an “exact phrase” this means you can use the phrase with OR without the quotes; also, since speed is a factor in the competition we will make allowances for typos once it is clear a decent attempt has been made to repeat the phrase
  • for transparency purposes your qualifying comment must remain on the social media post until Friday 9pm at the latest, ie when the grid is officially made public.
  • be aware that Facebook have been known to display comments in a random order on the web; as competition organisers we will do all we can to ensure the timeline is properly followed in each window.
  • entrants’ positions on the grid are set and not open for discussion, nor are any other final decisions made by the competition organisers.
    If you have any questions about the competition and/or its format, feel free to email we'd be happy to explain.
    Best of luck to all who qualified! JLP

  • D4tress

    Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019