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Keego on…Excitement & Expectations

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And here we go.

As I write this we are less than 24 hours away from Leinster's opening match of the season. To say I am excited is a slight understatement. The summer has been fairly boring; my dislike of the Lions didn’t help.

So what are we looking forward to? For me, I am looking forward to seeing what Coach Matt is going to bring. The noises from the team have been hugely positive. Word coming out from camp is that he is taking the ways of King Joe and adding nuances to them. It should be great to see.

My only question regards the players that have been brought in versus the players that have left. We know the story about J10 (still in mourning) and Isa (we need to call the Anglesea stand the ISA ISA ISA ISA stand), there where some players who just weren’t consistent enough (Carr, Hagan) to play for Leinster but there has also been a somewhat dodgy call of Conway being allowed go to Munster. Even if we are ok with a few of the players finishing up the ratio of players out to in is 11: 3.

There have been a few great academy players brought up, which is the whole point of the academy system. While Munster are bringing players in, Leinster are growing their own players which will lead to more strength in the years to come. McGrath looks to be absolute class. Along with keeping Ross healthy in blue, he will keep him healthy in green too.

Our first match is against the Scarlets away in that third world country that is Wales. The teams have been announced. Jenno the ledgebag is captaining the team. Lukey Fitz is making his comeback at 11, and whilst he may be my mortal enemy for no real reason, I am ecstatic to see him back. With O’Malley having to retire, there may be an option try him in the 13 jersey in between shifts on the wing. He’s a big strong lad, if he can rediscover form he may be the successor to the great man in 13. Jack McGrath starts too, he will destroy the opposition. Magic Mike is on the bench along with less magic but equally as important Mike Ross.

The Darce makes his 222nd appearance in blue which is a mammoth achievement and jimmy G starts at 10. It is a very strong team. No weak links. But Scarlets are tough. It won’t be pretty but Leinster should win this.

Nearing the end of the fist post of the season I would like to wish Eoin O’Malley all the best in his early retirement. He gave his fekin knee to the blue jersey. This was going to be his year to succeed in the 13 jersey, but cruel sport ruined that. Cheers for the memories Eoin, and I am sure the bar will always have a pint waiting for you.

So what do I expect this season? The future is bright and blue. Giving the deserving academy players an upgrade to the first team is huge for morale. We have more leaders in the team than at any other point; we have more experience all over the squad. And we have a coach that will push the team to the next level. It is difficult not to put a tenner on having Brian O’Driscoll raise the Heineken cup next year…….

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019