Thursday, September 05, 2013

Here comes the girls

Girl power is on the rise in Leinster & Ireland rugby, writes Róisín from @LeinstersLadies…

leinsters ladies

The Leinster’s Ladies Facebook and twitter was created in July 2013. The page was created as a platform for the female fan of Leinster Rugby to speak to like minded women about the game and have a bit of craic.

The growth of rugby over the past decade has been quite extensive so it does not come as a surprise that a majority of these new fans are female. Other initiatives have in recent times called on women to get more involved in rugby. Campaigns such as the IRFU’s ‘Give it a try’ campaign and the historic Grand Slam by the Irish Ladies last March. So lefts face it Girl Power is on the rise.

I wanted to use the page for the women out there like myself who have a passion for Leinster rugby and rugby in general. Personally I felt we had nowhere to go to speak to fellow female fans. Beyond the general rugby chats and debates we have a few topics that we felt that we would like to discuss with each other and I felt that the Leinster’s Ladies page was the perfect place for us to do this.

It gives us a chance to have discussions you would not normally hear rattling around the RDS or the local club. Most recently a topic was raised between the Leinster Ladies. The Jerseys. Now I know a few people weren’t very impressed with this year’s kit personally I love it but for the girls it went a little bit further. The women’s jersey was brought up, many of the women felt that the jersey itself was too fitted. We all come in different shapes and sizes not everyone is built the same and may not be suited to such a fitted style of jersey, any bit of a belly and feeling good is gone out the window.

Also another point that was raised is we would like more range in the women’s merchandise. One Leinster’s Ladies fan pointed out a club that had a lovely range of Women’s merchandise and got me wondering maybe we should think about this and what kind of style and range we would like to see available to us in the future. Don’t we worry we love to have a laugh as well.

Within the first day the Leinster’s Ladies page had reached over 150 ‘likes’ thanks to the various Leinster pages support. It was over whelming seeing all the support from various fans as I found out when I embarrassingly had to ask the girls how to get to Donnybrook stadium by car as I only ever taken the bus. Thankfully the ladies helped me out and I didn’t get lost!

Even though we are the ‘Leinster Ladies’ we do have a small male fan base so we do cater for all. If there is any topic you wish to speak about on the Leinster Ladies page let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

So, bring on the fun!!! Róisin

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Róisín [@roisindubh6] is a full time Receptionist for a broadband company. Serial Playlist maker and rugby obsessive. In my spare time you can catch me in the RDS or getting the nightly hot chocolate with the gang and also being the admin for the Leinster’s Ladies Facebook page.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019