Tuesday, September 24, 2013

49ers face mounting issues

It hasn’t been the start for the 49ers we were expecting to say the very least…

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Author : Adrian Glover

For the San Francisco 49ers, it was all good two weeks ago after they pummeled the Green Bay Packers.  Their feel-good aura has changed with the quickness now that  they are staring at a 1-2 record and a growing list of internal issues.

On Sunday the Indianapolis Colts dealt them what felt like a surprising 27-7 loss.

It was the second consecutive thrashing in a row at the hands of a quality team.

Pass rushing specialist Aldon Smith has been a distraction with his personal issues which may have impacted the locker room.

Moments after the game, the team announced that Smith will be taking an indefinite leave of absence.

From the football perspective, Smith’s exodus does nothing but hurt a team that relies on him for the bulk of their pass rush.

His mounting incidents that always include either drugs and/or alcohol as a primary charge, have caught up to him and subsequently the team’s imposing defense.

After Sunday’s shellacking, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that running back Frank Gore is angry with coach Jim Harbaugh for the lack of attention that he was shown on Sunday’s gameplan.

Gore only received 13 total touches yet was only one of the few 49ers that showed up to play with over 100 yards in total production.

Did Harbaugh and his staff drop the ball?

Harbaugh is a quarterbacks guru that has pushed his team in the direction of slinging the ball around in lieu of the ground attack that has been their staple for some times.

Colin Kapernick is a much more exciting signal caller than Alex Smith ever will be.

However, at some point a team needs to shift into another gear if a certain style of play if things are not working out for them.

My suspicion is that it meant a lot to Harbaugh to beat his former pupil Andrew Luck with Kaepernick firmly at the helm.

If that is the case, ego paved the way for this defeat as it very well may have against the Seahawks during their Week 2 loss to his college/pro adversary Pete Carroll.

After the game, Harbaugh gave the media which included the San Francisco Gate, a very pointed and direct answer as to what they team must do to fix their current state of affairs.

“We have no choice,” Harbaugh said. “No choice but to find our way.”

Harbaugh has the challenge of a lifetime on his hands as he loses both momentum and key players with each passing contest.

Starting wideout Michael Crabtree is currently out. Tight end Vernon Davis did not play on Sunday. Defensive captain/middle linebacker Patrick Willis left Sunday’s game with a groin injury.

It seems like a good time for the 49ers to take a step back, run the ball and try to chew up as much clock as possible on Thursday when they face the St. Louis Rams who are another talented team on a skid.

Harbaugh definitely needs to tweak his master plan.

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