Friday, August 16, 2013

Ray D'Arcy DID play "a bit of rugby"

In our latest Roots & All feature, Robbie Doyle from Cill Dara RFC tells us about another rugby playing D’Arcy from Leinster…

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cill dara rfcOur past club captain, Today FM broadcaster & Kildare Town native, Ray D'Arcy, proves the doubters wrong on his past rugby-playing career!

Ever since Today FM broadcaster & Kildare Town native, Ray D'Arcy, mentioned a few years ago on his radio show to his then guest, Brian O'Driscoll, that he played "a bit of rugby," he has been subject to constant (albeit good-natured) ridicule from his friends, workmates and listeners to the show. No more..

ray darcyAfter the Leinster squad's training session in Ray's old club, Cill Dara RFC, last Friday, the legendary Brian O'Driscoll was asked into the club bar where he was shown the board listing past club captains since the foundation of the club in 1976. There, listed in the 1986/87 season, was the name "R. DARCY."

Drico was immediately stunned and humbled by this revelation (sort of...) and graciously allowed a photo record of his discovery to be made for all who doubted Ray's past prowess on the rugby pitch.

We in Cill Dara Rugby Club, however, have long known the truth that Ray was indeed once our club captain and a decent centre in his day, renowned and feared by opponents for his defensive ability. So lift your head up Ray, and forever more say: "I didn't just play a bit of rugby, you know. I was once actually the captain of a rugby club!"

Many thanks to Nicola Cross - NC Photography - for taking the photographs on the day.

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Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019