Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lions triumph–the benefits

How will the Lions’ victory payoff for British & Irish rugby down the line?

Will the Lions’ win in Australia inspire the younger generation?

It’s been a fantastic year for British & Irish sport, with dozens of medals being won in the Olympics, a British win at Wimbledon and a dazzling display down under by the Lions, while over in Ireland, Leinster had yet another successful season on the trophy front.

So…how will this inspire the younger generation?

With so many heroic headlines from such sports personalities in 2013, youngsters can’t help to be impressed and motivated by their success.

The Lions’ achieved their first series win in over a decade, bringing together rugby fans across Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland together to celebrate – with Lions’ rugby team wear everywhere. What’s more, the huge publicity has roped in people who normally aren’t interested in the sport – bringing extra supporters and helping to boost the numbers of grass level participants.

What are the other benefits of the win down under?

Awareness of any sport is likely to increase participation at the grassroots level, but a successful team tends to encourage longer engagement with the activity.

A rare win, such as the test series down under, will see people become much more involved – especially the young hopefuls who wish to one day represent their country on an international sporting level.

Many of the players in the winning side like Leigh Halfpenny, are still young which will make them more relatable and inspiring to the younger generation. It is easy to see the amount of dedication the younger players have put into earning their place on the squad, which shows the grassroots level players what they need to do in order to be successful.

How will the professionals respond?

As with any international competition, every player involved will have gained a vast amount of experience during the tournament. The British and Irish Lions always knew that they would be in the public eye, being role models for the next generation of rugby players.

They had to be on their best behaviour on and off the pitch and give their all at every game. While some of the players have been in this position previously, many younger players had to learn how to deal with the pressure very quickly. At a level like this, it’s make or break. These new skills will help to improve many other aspects of their game, allowing them to make better decisions and improving their teamwork.

How important was the rugby team wear?

Nowadays, nothing but the best quality equipment should be used for international matches. The rugby wear brings the players and the supporters together, uniting them all through a common element – the British and Irish Lions rugby shirts. Proudly worn by thousands in Australia and even more in Great Britain, a simple shirt can help bring people together, inspiring entire nations.

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