Wednesday, July 31, 2013


OK…you know the way we said we were taking a break?  Well Kristian Ross got this post in under the wire, just…

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For all those who missed it, yesterday as an Ulster fan you were probably at work, or looking after the kids, maybe in the back garden, or even on your holidays.

The day started off very slowly on Twitter regarding Ulster Rugby news. Like the rest of summer so far, nothing much seemed to be occurring. But early afternoon saw possibly the best antics from the lads we have ever seen via social networking sites.

Ulster Rugby released a video with Mark Anscombe giving the fans the lowdown. The challenge was simple. All of the Ulster lads had to make it to the team meeting in Donegal on Tuesday night by 8pm. But they had to do so with a difference. No team bus. Just simply make your own way there.

Hilarious. The lads will split in to teams of three, that then met up to pair with another team to form teams of six with various tasks ahead of them. These included shopping, calling in at BOI branches (an Ulster team sponsor) and travelling via Ulster Bus.

Nick Williams, Craig Gilroy and Iain Henderson to name a few all sported some rather nice women’s clothing with pictures of the antics being posted frequently including shots of budgie smugglers being worn by Sean Doyle and Ricky Lutton on top of Lavery’s in Belfast. Roger Wilson, Callum Black and Declan Fitzpatrick posted numerous tweets of the escapades going on with conditioning coach Jonny Davis explaining that tweets by the players and challenges completed would earn points. Stephen Ferris in Dominoes in Lisburn, various players larking about at Lough Erne, Darren Cave pulling pints in what only can be describe as him wearing very little material with Michael Allen missing in action for a while and not mention James McKinney’s imaginary run in with a bus that lead to the hashtag #prayformckinney.

All of the days proceedings were followed with #suftumnation and #fleefly that eventually lead to the events of the afternoon trending UK wide. In the end it was Team’s 6 and 13 that arrived in Bundoran ahead of everyone else.

A hearty congratulations to Paddy McAllister, Alan O’Connor and Chris Cochrane, as well as Johnny Murphy, Paddy Jackson and Andrew Trimble. It certainly brought a smile to everyone’s faces that I know of yesterday, and will be remembered for years to come (the videos and photos will make sure of that).

All in all, if you are an Ulster fan and you weren't on Twitter yesterday, you missed one a cracker. But don't fret, as Jonny Davis said at the end of the challenge yesterday... ‘’Stayed tuned over the next few days #freefly2 ‘’. Ulster Rugby : Kings of the PRO12 banter department.

I'm Kristian. 19. And my mind is filled with rugby shaped thoughts. Supporting Ulster Rugby, Newcastle Falcons and of course the mighty Ireland. Tommy Bowe is the MAN !!!! SUFTUM.


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019