Thursday, July 25, 2013

Canterbury launches a ‘boot for every position’

With the new Leinster jersey released tomorrow, leading international rugby brand Canterbury has unveiled a new boot range ahead of the 2013-14 season


Channelling the experience that comes with making rugby kit for over 100 years, the collection combines Canterbury’s knowledge of the game with its innovative approach to producing top quality sports apparel.

The range features a number of boots that have been tailored to the needs of different rugby positions, demonstrating the depth of Canterbury’s understanding of the small but important details that make each individual player tick. This attention to detail can be seen across the four styles that make up the range.

For the backs of the team there are the customised Control and Speed boots. The Control boot caters for the kicker with its narrow fit and lightweight feel. The six-stud design delivers good flexibility towards the toe, without compromising on stability in the mid-foot and heel. The supple material ensures excellent comfort and improves overall kicking power and accuracy.

Ideal for wingers, the six-studded Speed boot offers enhanced support in the mid-foot, ensuring durability and stability whilst maintaining flexibility in the toe. Lightweight throughout, including nylon-aluminium composite studs, the boot is ideal for quicker take-offs, acceleration and fluid movement.

For the forwards of the team, Canterbury has designed the Phoenix and Stampede boots. Intended for second rows and loose forwards, the Phoenix is a relatively lightweight boot that provides extra cushioning in key areas to provide enhanced support, especially when landing in the line-out. A durable boot, the Phoenix offers excellent support and traction for a forwards style of play.

The Stampede is a robust alternative, able to withstand high impact, physical situations that occur on the field. This tough, eight-stud boot provides excellent traction in the scrum, perfect for front row forwards. The soft synthetic fabric enhances the fit and comfort of the boot, while strong rear and heel support ensures additional protection in the contact situation.

The varying requirements across the positions have been reflected within the accompanying ‘Make The Team’ campaign, for which Canterbury worked with South West London side Old Reigations, also highlighting the brands commitment and support of grassroots rugby. The team was put forward by their local Canterbury representative and feature in Canterbury’s promotional video for the campaign, highlighting how the boots suit the individual players. The video can be viewed here:


Canterbury has also worked hard on the aesthetics of each boot, developing modernised graphics and logos to characterise the styles and offer a technical, movement inspired update to the range.

The range is available in a variety of colours available to purchase online at:


Taken by JLP from RDS press box on Nov 16, 2019