Thursday, December 06, 2012

Schools Cup Rugby–writers wanted

The draw for the Leinster Schools Senior Cup takes place tonight which means the season is just around the corner.

From January until March in 2013 we’ll get to see the next batch of Johnny Sextons and Jamie Heaslips battle it out for glory.

Here on HoR2, we want to help uncover the next Gerry Thornleys and Tony Wards.  We’re pretty sure that there’s much better talent than them already out there!

If you’d like to cover some aspect of schools rugby for HoR2 over the coming months, or indeed know anyone who does, all you have to do is follow the link and let us know by email.

It can be articles about your own school’s team & players, it can be reports on matches, it can be tweeting latest scores from individual matches, it can be overviews of the competition itself, it can be from any province in Ireland, it can be about schools rugby from anywhere in the world.

So get in touch and we’ll get you on board to show off your writing skills and help us keep tabs on these great competitions.

In the meantime, here’s a documentary “Only In God” on the 2008 Leinster Senior Cup. Doesn’t do a bad job capturing the emotion of the tournament, even if it IS about Belvo. JLP (#RBAW)

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