Friday, July 20, 2012

JP Morgan 7s - Group B

It's to be a not-to-be-missed evening at Edgeley Park tonight, especially since you'll be able to see Tom Cruise and a hooker!!!

OK wait a seems that I may have misheard initial actual fact you'll be able to see 23-year old Tom Cruse, who plays at hooker and joined up with the Sharks over the summer.

Still, it's a big occasion as the club are moving into Salford City Stadium for the 2012/13 campaign, so this will be their last night at EP, which no doubt will make for some emotional scenes.

Hopefully there won't be any tennis overlapping tonight's 7s rugby on ESPN like there was last week (bad call by the network...I get that it was a British player in action but they could have at least shifted the live rugby they had bee advertising for weeks over to ESPN Classic).

Another interesting feature of tonight's action will be the presence of London Welsh - sadly they didn't see the need to include The Orange One  in their squad (maybe he felt he couldn't compete with Mr. Cruise?) but still it counts as an historic night for the club as they mix it up with Premiership clubs for the first time.

Here's the schedule & squads for tonight's action (broadcast starts 6:45pm) :

London Welsh 7s  31-19   Sale Sharks 7s (7:30pm)
Northampton Saints 7s  26-24 Leicester Tigers 7s (7:55pm)
Northampton Saints 7s   7-34   London Welsh 7s (8:25pm)
Sale Sharks 7s   50-5   Leicester Tigers 7s (8:50pm)
London Welsh 7s   52-5   Leicester Tigers 7s (9:20pm)
Northampton Saints 7s   14-36   Sale Sharks 7s (9:45pm)

London Welsh and Sale kicked off the night but the PremIiership new-boys and their squad of 7s ringers prevailed. Saints then edged Leicester who can't seem to buy a win in this format and went on to be fed a pair of 50burgers. The last matchup Sale v Saints was a decider but a brace of successive tries off kickoffs from the Sharks' Will Hafu means they join LW in the finals. Super night of 7s action.
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